IDA's Indicative minimum salaries

Each year, IDA sets an indicative minimum salary for its members. One minimum salary is set for Master of Science and Master of Engineering graduates and one for Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering graduates.

An indicative minimum salary

As a professional in the Danish labour market, you are probably already aware that Denmark has no minimum salary agreed by law. Instead, the labour market is regulated by collective agreements. 

This is why it is important to familiarise yourself with the recommended minimum salary for your profile. IDA's recommendations are based on our thorough insight into the STEM job market in Denmark, and with our recommendations at hand, you can help ensure that no one undermines IDA members' pay and the agreed collective labour agreements in place in your industry.

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"DKK 44,100 - This is the minimum monthly salary for Masters of Engineering, MSc graduates and other members with long higher education qualifications"

The council of Employees, IDA,

The calculation of the minimum indicative salary for private sector employees is based on the average salary of the youngest cohort of private sector employees in the salary statistics for 2022, plus the expected price movements for the coming year. The indicative minimum salary includes pension.

The IDA Council of Employees has decided on the following minimum indicative salaries for 2023:

  • Masters of Engineering, MSc graduates and other members with a long higher education degree: DKK 44,100.
  • Graduate engineers, bachelors and other members with a medium-cycle higher education degree: DKK 41,900.

Indicative hourly wage for students in STEM

The indicative hourly wage is pension-inclusive and calculated for students in a technical and scientific study-related job in Denmark in 2023.

  • For students who have studied on a technical and scientific programme for 1-3 years: DKK 188.
  • For students who have been studying a technical and scientific programme for 4-5 years: DKK 204.

Indicative rate for traineeship pay

The indicative rate of traineeship salary for Bachelor of Engineering students in engineering traineeship in 2023: DKK 15,750 per month.

IDA's recommendation for employers

IDA encourages employers who employ student IDA members to pay them in accordance with IDA's indicative salaries when the students are engaged in technical and scientific work relevant to their studies.

In most cases where employers have students who are paid according to the 2018 indicative salaries, IDA suggests an increase in hourly wages of at least 1.35 per cent per year.

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