About IDA

Political focus areas

IDA aims at realising the potential of technology and knowledge and contributing to the fulfilment of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. To achieve this, we have identified 6 focus areas.

IDA contributes with recommending solutions in the following 6 focus areas. In each area, the contributions of IDA’s members constitute a unique knowledge base:

  • The voice of technology - realising potentials in new technology and giving rise to ethical concerns
  • The working life of the future
  • Green transition and sustainable development
  • Strengthening competencies - Lifelong learning and new learning technology
  • Future prosperity - investment in research and education
  • Gender equality - equal pay and equal opportunities for all - and the elimination of unconscious bias

The 4th industrial revolution creates great changes because digitalisation and new technologies are integrated into both private life and business models. At the same time, the climate crisis calls for green solutions and technologies, and it is crucial that Denmark takes the lead and sets an example in green solutions which benefit our planet and at the same time ensure sound green jobs and strong Danish businesses. 

A better life

As with the previous industrial revolutions, an enormous potential is at stake for Denmark, a small and agile country with a highly-educated population. Taking the lead is crucial to maintaining Denmark as a country of high prosperity.

A good life is more than prosperity and welfare. As robots, data and artificial intelligence, for example, become more important for our lives, it is important to remember that it is the human relationships and the feeling of contributing that create meaning for us humans.

Therefore, IDA works on realising the opportunities of the future without compromising trust and security. The ethical challenges that follow in the wake of technological developments need to be recognised and addressed.

A continuously better life for Denmark and the rest of the world's population presupposes sustainable production and consumption, as described in the UN's SDGs.  

An ambitious green transition

The pressures on climate, air, water, soil and materials is a basic condition. The key to creating sustainable growth therefore lies in promoting research, innovation and implementation of new technology in all parts of society.

Through a green transition and energy efficiency, Denmark can adapt its own production and consumption to increase sustainability. IDA must promote the role of Danish workplaces in creating solutions for the rest of the world.

Lack of skills is a limiting factor in creating the solutions of the future.

The first challenge is to end the shortage of STEM competencies.

Another challenge is to ensure lifelong learning, so that knowledge is continuously updated in a labour market that is changing faster than ever before. New digital learning methods must be utilised, and competence development must be integrated into a coherent working life.

Based on a strong labour market model, IDA works to create the framework for a good and inclusive working life in a globalised world with new forms of work.

Equal opportunities across genders are a prerequisite for us all to have a good working life, and for more people, regardless of gender, to choose to take a STEM education. IDA works for equal pay and equal opportunities and for bringing an end to unconscious bias which hamper the development we must promote.