About IDA

Submitting complaints to IDA

Apart from gaining insights into the satisfaction rate of our members, the main purpose is to improve our services and learn from eventual mistakes and misunderstandings.

Since 2004, we have had a joint administrative system for processing complaints which ensures:

  • A fast and unified process for complaints. All members will get a response within 14 days of IDA receiving the complaint, e.g. a temporary response if the investigation demands more time.
  • Revision of our services and internal workflow, if the complaint demands it.
  • To inform the political management at our executive committee about the number and content of any complaints through an annual report, such as a note of the complaints of the specific period.

Annual public note

IDA wants openness around complaints and that is why we make the note describing all incoming and processed complaints in anonymous form open and accessible.
You can read the note by clicking the link further below.

The complaints are gathered under headlines and are described by the following categories:

  1. What is the complaint about?
  2. Specifically, what was done or not done?
  3. Was the person who submitted the complaint successful, partially successful or was the complaint dismissed and did the complaint lead to any changes in our services, workflows or other?
  4. Has there been a reaction from the complainant and is the complainant still a member of IDA?

Complaints about online purchases of physical goods or services according to EU regulations

You can also write us at klage@ida.dk if you are unsatisfied with an online purchase of a service at IDA – being for example access to an event or a product/service – in accordance with EU regulations regarding consumer protection and complaint procedures.

You can read more at EU’s website about Online Dispute Resolution and learn about your rights and possibilities when submitting a complaint about online purchases with The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA.

If you wish to submit a complaint, please write an e-mail to klage@ida.dk.