Why you should spend time on networking

Networking is the best way of keeping your career alive and kicking, finding professional inspiration and the quickest way to a new job, if you are looking for one. However, many engineers either forget to network, or are unsure about how to network in Denmark.
There are many good answers to the question "why should I spend time on networking?"
Networking is often the quickest way to a new job. It is also a great way of finding new business contacts, bettering your skills and finding professional inspiration and solutions.
“Denmark is a nation of late adopters, so we are not that used to networking, but we are rapidly improving and understanding its importance. It keeps your career alive and breathing, and I recommend  you spend time on it, even if you are not looking for a new job at the moment,” Senior Career Consultant at the Danish Society of Engineers, Lise Dan, says.
She points to the fact that companies can lose a lot of money, if they end up hiring the wrong person as one of the reasons why networking is becoming more popular.
“Many managers hire people who they know, or who come highly recommended by employees. You need to know an employee to get a recommendation, and one of the things networking does is grow the number of people you know. Getting to know employees in companies can often involve sharing knowledge, which leads to developing your skills,” Lise Dan adds.
Networking is about meeting and engaging with people. People are part of cultures – both personal and professional – that partially define them. This makes it especially important for foreign students and engineers to know how to network with Danish engineers.
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“Danes can be hard to get to know. If you arrive as a foreign engineer or study engineering in Denmark, the professional networks are probably the best way to get to meet them. It is a relaxed setting where you talk about shared interests, but also get to know each other,” Lise Dan says and continues:
“If you are interested in working in Denmark, the networks are also a great way of networking with people, who might end up being your colleagues or future manager. In the networks, they can get to know you and your professional skill-set.”

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