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Courses & training programmes: IDA Learning

IDA Learning offers a range of courses and training programmes that will ensure your market value and develop your skills. Courses are available with substantial membership discounts!

Gain inspiration from IDA Learning’s course prospectus or search for relevant courses and training programmes online. There are lots of subjects to choose from that will boost your expertise and provide you with new networks and tools:

  • IT

  • Communication

  • Management

  • Project management

  • Personal skills

  • Sales

  • UX and product development

  • Processes and automation

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Get courses and training programmes through IDA

IDA offers a broad range of exciting courses and training programmes, specifically tailored to meet the needs of engineers, science graduates and IT graduates. We are familiar with your educational background and are therefore able to provide you with the best possible support for your development needs. We know what companies want, and we are also aware of our members’ strong points and where there is room for improvement. With this in mind, we design courses and training programmes specifically aimed at IDA’s members. You are welcome to sign up even if you are not a member of IDA but our members receive a substantial discount.

If you're not sure where to start, you can book a meeting on competency development and get our competency advisor's take on the right competency development for you.

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Getting your workplace to cover the costs of your course

In Denmark, it's normal to continue your education throughout your working life by completing courses and training programmes. It's even normal for employers to cover the costs of your courses and training, from single-day courses to full degree programmes. If you're not sure whether your workplace would be willing to cover course fees, you can bring up the issue with your manager.

Read IDA's guide for talking to your manager about courses and training

Why you should go on a course

The skills of IDA’s members are needed on the job market, but all specialist fields develop so fast that it is even difficult for experts to keep up. And you are not only in competition with the colleagues you meet at work every day – digitalisation and globalisation are a challenge for us all, and the future is difficult to predict. Further training is needed if you are to keep up to date. If you want to maintain your market value, you need to update your skills. IDA Learning’s course prospectus is the best tool for doing this.

Still not convinced?

Right now is a good time to clear your calendar for a day or two to do something for yourself, says Morten Esmann, career counsellor at IDA.

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Remember your membership discount

As a member of IDA, you can purchase courses and training programmes at a discounted price. The discount depends on the price of the course but will often be several thousand Danish kroner.