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What is IDA?

IDA is Denmark's largest interest group and trade union for students inside IT, natural sciences and engineering. We strive to provide you and your fellow students with a strong academic community where you can strengthen your skills - during your studies and when you are looking for your first full-time job.

A membership of IDA gives you access to cheap insurances, academic and social events, a beneficial student bank account and plenty of opportunities to build networks.

The first year is free and after that a student membership only costs DKK 20 per month.

Who can become a student member of IDA?

IDA accepts student members from a list of STEM programs. 

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Events for students

Every year, our many student contacts develop and host a long line of events ready to give you new perspectives on your profession, new competences, a break in a busy everyday life and a chance to expand your network across different fields of study.

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New to Denmark

When coming to Denmark, you are embarking on an adventure where many things will be unfamiliar to you.

At the Danish Society of Engineers, IDA, we know how strange, and potentially stressful, the transition from one country to another can be. We have helped many foreign candidates and students get the very best out of their time in Denmark.

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