About IDA

Become a volunteer in IDA

There are many ways to get involved in IDA. Learn more about the many ways you can be more than just a member of IDA.

IDA is largely a member-driven association with more than 1,850 volunteers who make a huge difference for all IDA's members.

Are you also passionate about sharing your knowledge? Do you want to have an impact and make a difference? Become a volunteer in IDA.

Here's what you'll gain from being a volunteer

  • A strong network outside your workplace
  • Skills in communication, management, facilitation and presentation - among other things
  • Meeting peers from the academic world and the business community
  • A chance to stay up to date with trends in your industry or field
  • You get to make a difference for other members in IDA.

Find the role that fits you

IDA's volunteers are engaged in everything from network boards to academic clubs and mentoring. At IDA, there are many functions where you can be of value:

Volunteer in the professional or regional networks: Do you have an idea for an exciting social or professional event? IDA's networks offers you practical assistance and support for carrying out the event. Get in touch with us at aktiv@ida.dk and hear about the possibilities of getting involved in events, after-work meetings and trips.

Become a mentor: Make a positive difference for another member by sharing your experience, asking questions and listening. IDA's mentor programme consists of 1:1 meetings and help you expand your perspective and grow your communication and management skills.

Make a difference by becoming a mentor here

Make a difference in your workplace: you can part of negotiating good working conditions for your colleagues as an trade union representative. You can also arrange networks or events at your workplace. Please look at our guide for organising in the workplace.

If you're interested in becoming a union representative at your workplace, you can contact business consultant Marie Schmidt Sørensen at msn@ida.dk or 33 18 47 10 to hear more.

Get influence in IDA: Would you like to be involved in IDA's political organisation? You can read about IDA's political bodies and find contact details to learn more here: IDA's political organisation

Take courses as volunteer: As volunteer, with the IDA Academy, you can develop through various courses and events that either contribute with basic knowledge, challenge you or give you the chance to meet other volunteers.

Contact IDA about volunteering

If you are missing the right task, role or function for you, you did not find what you were looking for, or if you just have an excellent idea, please write to aktiv@ida.dk. We would love to hear from you.