IDA 1:1 Mentoring

Are you looking for an exchange of experiences and personal development in a confidential atmosphere? Then you are on the right track with a mentoring programme!

The mentee gains greater insight and more opportunities for development of him- or herself as well as the help to make decisions. Similarly, the mentor develops his or her leadership skills and the ability to give advice and coach on the basis of his or her own experiences.

IDA Mentor is the coordinative link preparing each participant and matching the mentors and mentees. Once the mentor relations are set up, IDA Mentor will support the process through evaluations midway and at the end. Each mentoring course formally lasts one year. You enter into a binding and confidential one-to-one relation. 
It’s binding in the sense that mentor and mentee enter into a contract. And it’s confidential in the sense that mentor and mentee build a personal trust through their dialogue. 
Through IDA Mentor, IDA wants to create a nurturing environment to support the sense of leadership in you as an engineer, IT or natural sciences professional. 

Mentor’s benefits

You’ll get plenty of chances to work on your leadership abilities. As mentor you will be both coach and advisor to the mentee. The trick is to utilise and communicate your own experiences in a productive way to help guide the mentee. There is no better way to learn than to teach others. 

Your communicative skills are simulated during the process. Above all, to be able to help it is important understand the mentee’s background. For the mentoring course to be a success, it is essential that you can put yourself in the mentee’s situation and truly communicate with him/her. 
You will gain new insight and knowledge as the interaction is nourished with new ideas and points of view from the mentee. 
You will get a new appreciation of your own background as well as your professional and managerial situation. This is all very natural when the mentor shares his/her experiences with the mentee. 
You participate in a course preparing you to be a mentor. Before your mentorship, IDA offers you a half-day preparation course. Here we will address what it entails to become a coach and advisor in order to get the most out of the mentoring process. 
You will network with other engineers who are mentors!   
What we expect from you as a mentor:
  • Be a good listener
  • See options rather than obstacles
  • Pose challenging and engaging questions
  • Be 5 years ahead in perspective

Mentee’s benefits

As mentee you can boost your career by actively focusing on your strengths and areas most in need of development. You will be set up with a mentor who is just right for you in terms of personally and career. 
The mentor will help you set goals for your development and create a comprehensive assessment of your challenges, new development areas and opportunities. This gives you an informed foundation upon which to base your decisions.
You will get to discuss delicate subjects. These may include conflicts, personal behaviour, handling bosses and clients as well as professional and organisational issues.
This will start a process of clarification to help you realise your true development potential.
The focus point is you and your career. It is important that you as mentee take initiative and make an effort to clarify your needs and wishes. In other words your development depends on your own effort. 

Contact create development

IDA Mentor makes the match to provide the best conditions for development for both mentor and mentee. 
The mentee is to pay a fee after the initial discussions with the mentor consultant and a mentor match has been found. 
The mentee fee is:
  • DKK 3,000 for private mentees
  • DKK 4,500 for mentees financed by a company

The mentoring course

The mentoring course takes place at certain times. New mentees and mentors are activated when the next course begins.  

Preliminary meeting with mentee

To get the most out of the mentoring process it is important as mentee to consider what areas you want to develop. At the preliminary meeting a consultant will help you put into words and clarify your development areas. 

A mentoring seminar

All mentors are invited to a 4-hour seminar on how to be a mentor. 


The mentor and mentee sign a contract and arrange a series of meetings. 


Then mentor and mentee arrange to meet 3 to 5 times half-yearly. As focus is on the mentee’s career, he/she makes the agenda, which is sent to the mentor before the meeting. The meetings typically last 1-2 hours.   

Midway evaluation

The midway evaluation help you talk about the mentoring process.

More information

If you are interested in the IDA Mentoring programme, you are welcome to contact Lise Dan at for more information.