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Welcome to IDA, the Danish Society of Engineers' privacy policy (Updated 19 July 2016)

By using IDA's services, you entrust us with your details. Our privacy policy is intended to help you understand the type of data we collect, why we collect it and what we use it for. This is important information, so we hope you spend some time to read it. Remember that you can find the settings for administrating your data and protecting your personal information on

Privacy policy
You can use our services in many different ways - you can be a member IDA, use Version2, IDA Universe, obtain insurance quotes from IDA Forsikring, sign up for newsletters, take part in our events, communicate with others in our fora, or communicate with us electronically or via phone. When you share information with us, such as in connection with the above, we can make our services even better - by giving you more relevant information from IDA, such as career advice, events analyses, news, as well as provide you with more relevant offers from our business partners.

When you use our services, you should know how we use this data and how you can choose which parts of IDA you want to be a part of.

Our privacy policy describes:
•    The data we collect.
•    How we use this data.
•    The options we give you to subscribe or unsubscribe to data-sharing, and how you access and  update your data.
•    Your rights.
•    Your right to complain.
•    Contact details of our Data Protection Officer.

We have tried to make it as simple as possible, but if you are unfamiliar with concepts such as cookies, IP addresses, pixeltags and browsers, you should read more about these first. IDA takes the protection of your personal data very seriously, and we continually strive to maintain a balance between developing our services and protecting your personal data. Spend a little time learning about our procedures - and should you have any further questions, please contact our Data Protection Officer.

The data we collect
We collect data to give our members and users the desired service, as well as better services. Based on your interests, we look at many different areas, from matching which IDA events that are most relevant to you to more complicated matters such as whether you as a member would benefit from career advice, which offers would be relevant to you, and which measures would be most relevant to our members in specific industries and sectors.

When you sign up for events, we collect data to use when communicating with your about the event, such as your address, phone number and e-mail address. This data is only given to the event organiser, for use during the event itself.
For invoicing, we use data about your invoicing address.
For lists of participants, we collect your name, title and place of work. The name, title and place of work are published on a participants list for the event, for other participants to see, and is given to presenters and event organisers.
We use the following ways to collect data

Information you give us
Many of our services require e.g. that you sign up for a newsletter or use When you do this, we ask you to provide personal data, such as your name, your e-mail address, your phone number or to log on to ensure your identity.
Data we receive through your use of our services.
We collect data about the services you use and how you use the service, such as when you use the IDA Universe, Version2 or use one of IDA's other websites, or view or interact with our adverts and content.

This data includes:
•    Unit data
We collect unit-specific data (such as hardware model, operating system version, unique unit IDs and mobile network data and phone numbers). IDA can connect your unit ID or phone number to your profile.

•    Logo data
When you use our services or view content supplied by IDA, we automatically collect and store certain data in server log files. This data includes:

•    Data about how you have used our services.

•    Log files with data about the IP address.
•    Data about units, such as browser type, browser language, date and time of your request and reference web address.
•    Cookies that uniquely identify your browser.
•    Placement data
When you use IDA's services, we can collect and process data about your actual placement. We use different technologies to determine placement, including IP address, GPS and other sensors, which can give IDA data about units, Wi-Fi access points and nearby mobile masts.
•    Unique application numbers
Certain services contain unique application numbers. This number and data about your installation (such as operating system and application version number) may be sent to IDA when you install or de-install the service, or when the service intermittently contacts our service, such as during automatic updates.
•    Local storage
We can collect and store data (such as personal data) locally on your unit with the help of e.g. web storage in the browser (e.g. HTML 5) and caches for application data.
•    Cookies and similar technology
We and our business partners use different technologies to collect and store data when you visit an IDA service, which may involve the use of cookies or similar technologies for identifying your browser or unit. We also use these technologies to collect and store data when you interact with services that we provide to our partners. These might be adverts on Version2 or adverts accessible on other websites.

We use Google Analytics that help us analyse traffic to our services. When this is used with our advertising services, such as those that use the DoubleClick cookie, then Google Analytics data is linked, either by us or by Google, to the data about the visit on several websites using Google technology.

The data we collect when you are logged in to our services, and the data we receive about you from our partners, can be linked to your account. When data is linked to your account, we process it as personal data. You can find more information about how to access, administrate or delete data linked to your account in the section on Transparency and Choice in this policy.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser to recognise your computer during return visits. No personal data is stored in our cookies and they do not contain viruses. Cookies self-delete after a certain number of months (this can vary), but are renewed after each visit.

We use cookies for the following purposes:
•    Technical functionality, so that we remember your preferences.
•    Conduct-based views of content, so we can show you the content most relevant to you.
•    Traffic measurement, so we know how many users are visiting our site and so that we can document it to our advertisers according to common industry standards.
•    Advertising, so we can control how often the same ad is shown to the same user and register how many people click on it.
•    Conduct-based and individually targeted advertising, so we can show you the ads we think are most relevant to you.
•    Profile-based on address and information-based on use of digital services.
•    We use cookies from third parties that have access to the relevant cookies.
•    We use cookies from Gemius, which register internet use on a market level and across different websites. The measurement complies with legislation in the area, including the Personal Data Protection Act, ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice. We do not forward data about individuals’ Internet conduct. Instead this is done in a collective format. See e.g. Gemius does not register personal data, unless you specifically give us permission to do so. The latter is only achieved through completion of a questionnaire. Read more about personal data in Gemius Audience. You can opt out of being entered in the Gemius measurement here:
•    We use cookies from Google Analytics (traffic measurement) for measuring traffic on the website. You can opt out of cookies from Google Analytics here:
•    We use Xcense for processing advert views. You can read more about Xcense and opt out of cookies here:
•    We use Realtime Targeting to provide adverts based on conduct. It is possible to opt out of being subjected to advertising networks, which share data across different networks. Find the list here:
•    We use cookies from UserReport to collect data for user surveys. You can opt out of cookies from UserReport here:
•    To enable sharing on social media, we use widgets and cookies from social media. The relevant social media - currently Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - can choose to put one or more cookies in the user's browser. Advertisers linked to the service can also put cookies in the user's browser.
You can opt out of being included in an advertising network that shares data across different networks. Find the list here:
You can delete your cookies yourself, see how to do this here:
If you do not wish to receive cookies you can block them. See how to do this here: .

How we use the data we collect
We use the data we collect from all our services to deliver, protect, improve and develop new services, and to continually make IDA more relevant to our members. We also use data to provide you with more relevant content across our services.

When you contact IDA, we register communication to help you, and for training purposes. We can use your e-mail address to notify you of our services, such as by informing you about forthcoming changes or improvements.

We use data that has been gathered via cookies and other technologies, such as pixeltags, to improve your user experience and the overall quality of services. We use e.g. Google Analytics to improve services. By e.g. storing your preferences, we can supply our services with your preferred content.

We often combine personal data from one IDA service with data from other parts of the IDA Group, e.g. IDA Forsikring, hereunder personal data, in order to provide you with the most relevant offers as an IDA member. We do not share your personal data with companies outside the IDA Group, unless we have your consent.

We require your consent before using data for other purposes than those stated in this privacy policy.

Transparency and Choice
As people we naturally have different views on how our personal data should be used. In IDA, our aim is to be as transparent as possible about the data we collect, so that you can make an informed choice about how it is used.

On you can update your profile and adjust how your data is used. We work continually to make more relevant and to give you control of your personal data.

You can also make your browser block all cookies, even cookies that are linked to our services, or show when a cookie is hidden by us. However, it is important to note that many of our services will not always function optimally if you choose to deactivate our cookies.

IDA mainly processes personal data on our own servers in a co-location data centre in Denmark, but we also use Cloud services. For example, our employees use Exchange Online e-mail from Microsoft, where the data centre is placed outside your country of residence.

Date that you share
In many of our services, such as Version2, you can share data with others. Remember that search engines can index any data you share publically. Our services give you several options to share and remove your content.

Access to and updating personal data
On we strive to give you access to your personal data. If the data is incorrect, we will try to give you the option to update it as quickly as possible, or to delete it - unless we need to save the data for commercial reasons or legal requirements.

You can, at any time, ask IDA to display, clarify, delete or limit the processing of your personal data, and you are also entitled to data portability and to recall your consent.

We can reject requests that are deemed unreasonable, require inappropriate amounts of technical intervention (such as developing a new system or significantly changing existing practice), affect the protection of other users' personal data or anything that would be considered as extremely impractical (such as request for data that only exists in security copies).

If we can give you access and right to data, we naturally do this free of charge unless it requires an inappropriate amount of time and effort. We strive to maintain our services in a way that protects data from inappropriate or harmful destruction. When you delete data from our services, we may not be able to delete copies from our archive servers straight away, and it is not certain that the data is removed from our security copy systems.

You can appeal to the Data Protection Agency at any time ( )

Data that we forward
We do not forward personal data to companies, organisation or individuals outside the IDA group, with the exception of the following circumstances:

•    With your consent
We forward personal data to companies, organisations or individuals outside the IDA Group if we have your consent. We actively require your consent to forward any sensitive personal data.
•    For external processing
We forward personal data to our business partners or other trusted companies or parties who process them for us based on our instructions and in agreement with our privacy policy and other applicable measures, confidentially and securely, such as our data processing agreement.

•    For legal reasons
We forward personal data to companies, organisations or individuals outside the IDA Group if we believe that access, use, storage or publishing of the data is necessary to:
o    Apply with relevant legislation, regulations, lawsuits or legal requests from public authorities.
o    Enforce applicable service conditions, including investigation of potential violations.
o    Register, prevent or in any other way protect against fraud, security or technical issues.
o    Indemnify IDA, our members or public authorities' rights, property or security, as required or permitted by the law.

We can share data that does not identify people, with public authorities and our partners, such as providers, advertisers and associated websites. We can e.g. share data with the public authorities to show general trends about our members' interests.

Information security

We strive to protect IDA and our users against unauthorised access, changes, the publishing or destruction of data that we store. In particular:
•    We encrypt many of our services with SSL.
•    We review our methods of collecting, storing and processing data, such as physical security measures, to protect against unauthorised access to the systems.
•    We limit access to personal data to IDA's employees, sub-contractors and representatives that need this data to process it for us. These persons are subjected to contractual requirements about confidentiality, and if these requirements are violated, the former can be subjected to sanctions or dismissal.

Compliance and cooperation with inspection authorities
We regularly check compliance with our own privacy policy. We comply with several self-regulating security policies. When we receive formal written complaints, we contact the sender to follow up the complaint. We work with the relevant legal authorities, such as the Data Protection Agency, to solve any complaints concerning the transfer of personal data that we cannot solve directly with our users.

Our privacy policy can change at any time. We do not limit your rights in accordance with this privacy policy without your written consent. Any changes to this privacy policy shall be stated on this page, and any significant changes will notified in a more direct way (for certain services we would notify by e.g. e-mail).

We also store previous versions of this privacy policy in an archive, so you have access to them.

Data responsibility
IDA Ingeniørforeningen in Denmark, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, 1780 Copenhagen V (Company Registration Number: 21465216)

Data Protection Officer
Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted on