Get 3 months of free membership

Please read current terms and conditions of a free trial IDA membership carefully.

Free and no bounds for 3 or 12 months

IDA offers a 3 months free trial membership for graduates. It is a free and non-binding period, and you can cancel it during or after this period free of charge. On the other hand, if you are student, the first 12 months of your student membership are completely free, without being a free trial. 

You get direct access to several benefits as an IDA member. For instance, you can join one or more professional communities among 40, you can get career advice, or you can save money on your insurance or your daily expenses.

Access to IDA benefits

You have almost full access to all members’ benefits with a free trial, just like a regular IDA membership, but with one exception; IDA does not offer legal support in conflicts by way of negotiation, settlement or litigation.
As student, you have not this kind of restrictions, because it is not a free trial membership. However, IDA does not offer conflict legal assistance to students.

Terms and conditions to get a free IDA membership

The 3-month free trial membership applies to all graduates with a higher education of minimum 3 years in engineering, natural science and IT; e.g. you need at least a M. Sc. in Engineering, Natural Science or Information Technology. Please note that a previous membership of 2 years is not required.

All students signing up for the first time are entitled to a 12-month free student membership. It only requires an eligible higher education.

You can read more about student membership at IDA's official site for students.

What happens when your free membership expires?

  • IDA will contact you before your free trial or free student membership expires.
  • If you wish to keep your IDA membership, you do not need to act, we automatically upgrade your membership to a regular one. See membership fees.
  • If you do not wish to continue your membership, you can cancel it without charge when your free trial expires.