Free access to IDA's publications

IDA-members have free access to the Danish-language publications Ingeniøren, Version2 and other professional media on science and technology. The media have an annual value of DKK 6,385.

As a member of IDA, you have access to new knowledge and updates from your subject area through the newspaper Ingeniøren and a wide range of specialised media. 

IDA-members get free access to Ingeniøren, Version2 and several PRO media from Teknologiens Mediehus.  

Your benefits as an IDA-member are:

1. Read or listen to the newspaper Ingeniøren for free  

As an IDA-member, you will receive Ingeniøren free of charge. Ingeniøren is IDA's professional magazine with a focus on technology, science and social issues, and it is published every two weeks.

You are free to choose how you want to read Ingeniøren: 

If you read the newspaper online at, you can sign up and receive an email when the newspaper is ready. 

2. Get full access to all content on

As a member of IDA, you get free access to all content on, including all PLUS articles, which otherwise require a subscription.  

In addition to in-depth and serious journalism about technology and science, you can find relevant job postings, participate in the debate and read the newspaper Ingeniøren online. 

3. Get free access to

Radar is part of Ingeniøren and a political tech media focused on the intersections of tech and society.

Behind Radar is a strong team of IT spokespersons, experts, and opinion makers who blog regularly and offer analyses and commentaries that provide perspective and knowledge on current tech debates.


As a member of IDA; you can access by logging into My IDA. 

4. Get free access to the IT publication

Version2 is Teknologiens Mediehus' online media about IT security, IT management, hardware, software and digital problems and solutions.  

The content on will be hidden behind a pay wall during the autumn, but your membership to IDA gives you free access to all content on including PLUS articles, which otherwise require a subscription. You can also participate in the debate online. 

5. Get access to Teknologiens Mediehus' PRO media

Ingeniøren is published by Teknologiens Mediehus. Teknologiens Mediehus houses 10 different PRO media, which gives you the opportunity to delve into selected industries and read experiences from professionals in areas such as digitisation, buildings, data and compliance.  

As a member of IDA, you get free access to selected PRO content.  

You can get full access to one of the two PRO media DataTech or Tech Management for free. 

When you log in with your MitIDA login, you can get full access to either DataTech or Tech Management.

DataTech is the only Danish media about data and artificial intelligence.

Tech Management is Ingeniøren's management publication about understanding and navigating new technologies, business models, and changes in the job market. 

How to choose DataTech or Tech Management

Get access to 6 PRO media articles of your choice

In addition, as a member of IDA, you get free access to 6 optional articles on the PRO media every month. 

The other PRO media are:

CareTech is for decision makers, developers and specialists who work with welfare technology in Denmark.

ComplianceTech is a media for compliance managers in Danish companies and public authorities with solution-oriented articles on data compliance.

DigiTech publishes content on public digitisation and IT projects with a focus on the challenges and solutions that emerge when a complex public sector needs to be developed and IT-supported.

FacilityTech is a media for renovation, operation and maintenance of buildings.

GridTech a media for professionals in the energy industry about new technology related to the electricity grid. 

MobilityTech is a media about safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transport of people and goods.

WaterTech  provides professional knowledge of technological solutions in the water sector, from climate protection to drinking and wastewater treatment.

WasteTech a publication about the largest and most exciting waste projects in the municipalities as well as in private companies.

Visit Teknologiens Mediehus' PRO media at 

How to use your access to the PRO media

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