Who can become a member of IDA?

There are three ways you can join IDA.
  • You have studied a BA or MA programme which qualifies for membership.
  • You have a university degree of a minimum of 3 years and work in STEM
  • You work in a position which corresponds to that of an IDA member, even though you do not hold a university degree. 

1. If you hold a Danish university degree

A large number of MA degrees quality for membership. Among others, the following: 

  • Cand.act.
  • Cand.agro.
  • Cand.hort.acrh.
  • Cand.oecon.agro.
  • Cand.pharm.
  • Cand.polyt.
  • Cand.scient.
  • Cand.scient.bibl.
  • Cand.scient.cons.
  • Cand.scient.oecon.
  • Cand.scient.pharm.
  • Cand.scient.techn.
  • Cand.silv.

Please check out the list of eligible graduate programmes (note the list is in Danish).

You can join IDA if you have graduated in one of the programmes mentioned above.


2. If you hold a foreign university degree

You are eligible for a membership if you have a higher education of a minimum of three years in Computer Science & IT, engineering or natural sciences; e.g. MSc of Computer Science, MSc Eng. and Master of Science (MSc).

Membership necessitates that at least one of the following conditions are met:

  • You hold a degree of at least 3 years in STEM from a university
  • You have completed a degree enrolled in the FEANI European Engineering Education Database list of recognised degrees. 
  • If you are a member of EUR.ING you can also become a member of IDA.

If you have a foreign degree, you need to complete this form.

3. Individuals who do not have a university degree or some form of member-eligible education

If you do not hold a qualifying degree, you can still become a member of IDA. 

In this case, you must meet these conditions:

  • You have 6 years of relevant experience or at least 3 years of uninterrupted seniority
  • Your work must be comparable to that of a typical IDA member
  • Your salary level corresponds to that of an IDA member.

In addition, we

  • Work with engineers / science graduates
  • Work with IT
  •  Work in a technology driven company

In addition, we carry out an individual assessment of whether IDA is the right union for you. 

Please submit your CV and latest pay slip via this form, and you will hear from us when we have assessed whether IDA is the right union for you.

Please note that the assessment may take up to two weeks.

Questions about joining IDA

Are you interested in a membership but not sure if IDA is right for you?

  • Call us at 33 18 55 73 for individual membership support

Is your programme not on the list?

If your higher education programme is not listed above, you can always contact us via this form to apply for a membership.