Events and networks

What are our networks?

If you are looking to take part in courses, conferences, after-hours meetings and company visits, then you will definitely benefit from our many networks. The networks are also a great way of updating and evolving your professional skills – and a good way to find a new job, if you are looking for one.

If you enjoy taking part in specialist, technical networks, home to a variety of activities that reinforce your knowledge and expand your professional horizons – and gives you the optimal setting for networking with people in your professional field, IDA Professional Networks is a good place for you. They are also a place to meet people who could potentially be your future colleagues.

The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA, is the organizing force behind the technical specialist networks that gives you the opportunity to become part of a vast network of people with similar professional interests as yourself.

The easy steps to your new networks

  • Becoming a member of the Professional Networks is very easy.
  • Members of IDA can join as many networks as they want.
  • Being a member of the networks is free.
  • Registering for a particular network - find the network you want to join and register.

If you are not a member of IDA, you can still be associated with specific professional networks through subscribing as a corporate or guest member. There are currently 39 technical specialist networks. These hold events across the country and many have a number of regional committees that arrange local events in each of IDA's eight regions.

Find colleagues in your region

On top of the Professional Networks, IDA has a number of regional networks that give you opportunities for personal and professional development as well as meeting representatives for local trade -, businesses - and educational institutions. The regional networks also give you a chance to meet up with other engineers and to go to special events near you.
As an IDA-member, you are automatically assigned to a region and a department. To get offers for special arrangements and meetings, you need to sign up.
The regional IDA-groups have a wide variety of offers for their members, including special arrangements for students, for unemployed engineers, families with children, busy career-focussed engineers as well as for seniors and retirees. 

The networks in detail 

For both the Technical Specialist Networks and the Regional Networks offer different activities.
These include: 
  • annual conferences
  • company visits
  • meetings
  • field trips and a number of other events
All the networks strive to inspire and challenge their members, keeping the professional level high. 
The networks wildly vary in size and number of annual events. For example, IDA Miljø (IDA Environment) is one of the largest networks with approximately 3,600 members. The number of networks is constantly growing and changing with the on-going technical and academic developments taking place in the various professional fields. IDA members can form new technical specialist networks within a specific academic area. This happens often, and the newest network, IDA Design, was formed in 2013.

The different network memberships

IDA offers three types of membership to the technical specialist networks.
  • Personal membership is free, but requires you to be an IDA member.
  • Guest Memberships costs 400 kroner per year, but does not rely on a membership of IDA.
For more information about the specific benefits and much more:

Boards consisting of active members run the networks. Most board members are engineers, but this is not a requirement. For example, some boards have engineers, architects and designers on them. The board members sit for 3 years and may be re-elected once. Boards meet approx. 6-8 times a year.