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Get one of the cheapest insurance schemes with the best coverage through IDA Insurance.

About IDA Forsikring

IDA Forsikring is a members' offer giving you access to Denmark's probably cheapest insurances. Many members save up to 30% by switching to IDA Forsikring - making your IDA membership a pretty good deal. Although there's plenty to save, we never compromise on the qualify of our insurance packages or our insurance counselling services.

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The advantages of choosing IDA Forsikring

Here are some of the reasons why you should collect your insurances with IDA Forsikring:

  • Our prices are competitive
  • We offer personalised insurance solutions and value your opinion
  • IDA Insurance is has no shareholders expecting a profit. This means that our profits each year return to members in the form of lower prices. When we adjust our prices, we'll inform all customers and adjust prices automatically.
  • We're here to guide you and help you to the right solution for you.
  • You can book a video meeting with an insurance adviser if you want a quote for your household's total insurance. Book a meeting here.

Here are some of our most popular insurance policies:

Car insurance 

As a car owner, you must have car insurance with liability cover when you have a car. The liability cover is required by law. However, you can choose whether you want to further insure the car with comprehensive cover and buy a number of optional insurances.

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Home contents insurance

With home contents insurance, you don't have to worry about everyday accidents and damages. The insurance creates a safe environment for you and your family, and you can put it together differently according to your wishes and needs.

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Travel insurance

Travel insurance can cover your entire family on trips of up to 60 days in Europe or around the world. If you fall ill or need treatment, help is just around the corner.

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Accident insurance

With accident insurance, you are covered if you are involved in an accident that causes you permanent damage. Without the insurance, you cannot get compensation. It can have major consequences for your life and your finances.

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Building insurance

Are you going to buy your first house? Or have you been a homeowner for a while? Either way, it's important to be well insured. In this way, you avoid financial surprises if the accident happens one day.

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Supplemental unemployment insurance

If you are a member of an unemployment insurance fund, you are entitled to unemployment benefit if you lose your job. For many families, however, the daily allowance rate is not enough to keep the finances together. This challenge can be solved by taking out supplemental unemployment insurance.

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Dog insurance

Dog insurance is a legal requirement for all dog owners. The insurance helps you financially if your dog is to blame for injuries and accidents.

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Student insurance

As a student, you can buy insurance with a student discount. The terms and coverage are no different from ordinary insurance policies. To buy them, you must be a student and a member of IDA.

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Please note: The above is just a selection of the insurances that IDA Forsikring offers.

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