Working in Denmark

Danish language skills make it easier to settle down – and look good on a CV


A Danish course can help you in your career. Find out where you can apply for Danish courses here.

Why take Danish classes?

Danes are among the word's best speakers of English as a foreign language. Yet, learning Danish is an unvaluable tool when navigating the Danish labour market - whether you are looking to apply for Danish-language positions or simply improve your relationship with your colleagues.

Where can I learn Danish?

Danish courses at various levels are offered by language centres across the country. For an overview of all centres and courses on offer, visit the website of the Danish Language Centres.

Visit the Danish Language Centres website (opens in a new window)

Many workplaces offer language courses to international employees. If you are interested, ask your manager whether your company offers language courses or would be willing to pay for you to take a course at a language centre.

Learn Danish for free

Foreign professionals who have lived in Denmark for less than 5 years can get free Danish language classes through their municipality. To qualify, you must be over 18 years old and have a residence permit and a social security number (CPR).

Read more and apply on the Danish Language centres' website (opens in new window)