Working in Denmark

Union membership in Denmark

Unlike most other countries, trade union membership is highly common in Denmark and most employed professionals are members of a trade union representing their interests.

Trade union membership is voluntary in Denmark, but there is a high level of union membership among Danish workers at all levels of employment. In fact, more than 70 % of Danish wage earners are members of a trade union.

The high number of union memberships in Denmark is due to two things:

  • The central role that trade unions play in the Danish labour market
  • The numerous member benefits

As a member you have access to a wide range of services related to contracts, career guidance, wage negotiations etc. Furthermore, membership provides a great opportunity to establish personal and professional networks, as there are several social and professional activities within the framework of the trade unions.

As a foreigner in Denmark, it pays to belong to a union that knows the danish labour market and gives you the best possible advice.

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Find out why a trade union membership can both support and secure your work life in Denmark.

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Selecting a trade union

Your choice of trade union depends on your training/position and workplace. IDA is for students and professionals who are either educated or working within the fields of IT, engineering and the natural sciences.

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Unemployment insurance funds

Danish trade unions are associated with specific unemployment insurance funds, but you do not need to be a member of both a trade union and an unemployment insurance fund – it is possible to be a member of just one of these organisations, independently of the other.

As an employee and a member of an unemployment insurance fund, you can receive unemployment benefit if unemployed for a period of time. Read more about unemployment insurance funds and how to join one on this page.