Working in Denmark

Coming to Denmark to work

Find out what you need to know when moving to Denmark to work.

How to obtain a work permit in Denmark

You must hold a residence and work permit in order to reside and work in Denmark, if you are a citizen of a country outside the Nordic countries or the EU/EEA. Whether you can obtain a residence and work permit depends, first and foremost, on your qualifications. It is your own responsibility to obtain a work permit if you are required to.

A number of schemes have been designed in order to make it easier for highly qualified professionals to get a residence and work permit in Denmark.

You can read about the different schemes on New to - the official portal for foreigners.

Special Act on displaced persons from Ukraine in Denmark

A new bill grants temporary residence permits for displaced persons from Ukraine who have arrived in Denmark. The new rules apply for Ukrainian citizens who have left Ukraine on 24 February 2022 or later, have refugee status, or have resided in Denmark or had an existing Danish residence permit on 24 February 2022. To learn more, visit nyidanmark, the official website of the Danish Immigration Service (Available in Ukrainian, English and Danish).

Recognition of education

If you want to know more about whether your education is recognised in Denmark, or need an assessment, which you can use when applying for a job, applying to enter a Danish study programme or clarify your possibilities, we advise you to visit the web page of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Here you will find answers to all questions regarding recognition of your specific education.

Network group for foreigners working in Denmark

In IDA's Network group for foreigners working in Denmark you will meet other expats who have also moved to Denmark for work.

Read more about the Network group and sign up.

What is the Danish labour market like?

The Danish job market is generally flexible and secure for employees. This is largely due to the impact of the Danish Model. You can learn more about the organisation of the Danish labour market and what it means for employees right here.

Many Danish companies have a flat organisational structure, an informal management style, and a non-hierarchial relation between colleagues and teams. You can read more about work culture in Denmark right here.

The Danish tax system

Foreigners living and working in Denmark are in most cases liable to pay Danish taxes. Expats covered by Danish income liability do, in some cases, qualify for the expat scheme under which they are subjected to a lower tax rate.

To get an overview of the rules for international professionals working in Denmark, you can find our video FAQ on MitIDA (for members only).

As a trade union, IDA does not offer counselling on tax issues and social security. For more information, visit the website of The Danish Customs and Tax Administration, 

Video guide: welcome to Denmark