What does an IDA-membership cost?

Get an overview of IDA’s membership fees. The prices are stated per. month, but you pay per. quarter or once a year. Student members pay every six months. A full membership costs DKK/quarterly 878,25 before tax.

The actual cost after tax is around DKK 200 per month. Many of our members save much more than they pay in fees by taking out insurance with IDA Forsikring, getting discounts on their purchases with an IDA Xtra card, receiving their biweekly copy of the magazine Ingeniøren, and taking advantage of the many opportunities which IDA offers in terms of advice, career opportunities, and networking. 

Payment of fees

It is up to you whether you prefer to pay your membership on a quarterly or annual basis. 

  • Student members must pay half-yearly
  • If you are unemployed, you must pay quarterly

Nordic guest membership

IDA has guest membership agreements with the Nordic engineering associations.

Read more and apply here

Reduced fee, if you become unemployed

If your employment has changed, you have become unemployed or you are on on maternity leave (during the unemployment benefit period), let IDA know. That way we can make sure that you pay the right membership fee. Changes to your employment status come into effect from the first quarter after IDA has been informed of your changed status. 

View your current status and upgrade it via Mit IDA

Retired members

As a retired member, you do not get legal advice on salary and employment issues or career counselling, but continue to enjoy all other membership benefits. To become a pensioner member, you must be on early retirement (efterløn or førtidspension), or retirement and have less than 5 working hours per week on average or no work. Please note that there is no tax deduction for membership fees in the pensioner category. Please read the section below on Tax Exemption.

Specially for students

If you are a student, the first study year is free.

  • Student members registered after 2 March 2017 get the first 12 months for free
  • If you study abroad as part of your Danish education, you can remain a student member.
    If you study a science or engineering degree abroad at a university that is eligible for admission to IDA, you can also be a student member.

If you study in Denmark and your current education does not qualify for admission, but you have finished an education that does qualify for a membership, you qualify for a reduced membership fee of DKK 97 / month. (DKK 289.25 per quarter).

Discount on annual payment

If you decide to pay your membership fees annually instead of quarterly, you get a 1.5 % discount on the listed IDA membership fees. However, unemployed, students, and members paying reduced fees are not eligible for the discount. 

Changes to annual payments can be made throughout the year, but must be made before 31 December to take effect from the following year. The annual fee must be paid on 5 February to obtain the discount.

Sign up for annual payment on your profile page under "Payment" (via My IDA).


Conflict Fund and Bargaining Law

Self-employed and retired members do not contribute to the conflict fund, which for other member groups amounts to DKK 0.25 per quarter.

Employment without legal assistance and career counseling refers to members who are employed or have a daily place of work abroad, and for whose employment conditions Danish legislation or collective agreements do not apply. IDA does not provide legal or career advice for members in this category. The same may be the case for members who work in areas where IDA does not have the right to bargain (e.g. officers, high school teachers and electricians), and who are members of another union that has the right to bargain.

Reduction of fee when unemployment benefits have expired

Note that from 1 July 2013, IDA has given a fee reduction to the unemployed whose full unemployment benefit entitlement has expired (expiration date has occurred). The contingent is DKK 60 per. quarter.

Applications can be submitted via this form with documentation from the unemployment insurance fund stating that your unemployment benefit entitlement has expired.


Tax exemptions

The membership fee can be claimed as a tax allowance. IDA annually reports paid membership fees to SKAT.
This includes fees from employed, self-employed and student members.

Some members’ fees, however, cannot be claimed as tax allowances. If you are retired, IDA does not report your fee because it is not a tax allowable expense (cf. ruling by SKAT). There are exceptions, though. If you have paid work, are on a civil servant pension plan, or on early retirement there may still be a way to get tax allowances. Contact IDA if one of the exceptions mentioned above applies to you.

In case you pay taxes abroad or similar, the possibilities for tax allowances depend on the specific and individual circumstances.

It is not necessarily a requirement that you have paid work to get tax allowances. If you are on leave, on maternity/paternity leave, enrolled in education, or similar, you can claim your membership fee as a tax allowance.