Become a guest member of a foreign engineering association

IDA has guest membership agreements with a number of international engineering organisations. Find out more about what the agreements entail, how to become a guest member, what your rights are, and which organisations the agreements apply to.

IDA has guest membership agreements with a number of international organisations. The agreement means that as a member you can get 3 years of free membership in an engineering association in your country of work, while you keep your membership in IDA (i.e. two memberships for the price of one).

How do I become a guest member?

You become a guest member by making a request to your own organisation. As an IDA member, you must request via a form on our contact page. After the request, IDA will contact the relevant organisation in the country of work for admission. The host organisation itself will notify you when guest membership is granted. It is a requirement that you work, but not that you also live in the country of work.

Guest status can be maintained for 3 years. You can then either become an ordinary and paying member of the host organisation in the country of work or opt out.

Become a guest member

As a guest member of a foreign organisation, you get three years of free membership in your country of work, while keeping your IDA membership. You can apply for guest membership by filling in this form.

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Which organisations does IDA have guest membership agreements with?

Here is a list of the comprehensive organisations with which IDA has a guest membership agreement:


  • Sveriges Ingenjörer (Engineers of Sweden)

Contact Engineers of Sweden


  • Tekna (The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals) - graduate engineers and science graduates

Contact Tekna

  • NITO - BE/BS engineers

Contact NITO


  • TEK - graduate engineers

Contact TEK


  • SV - graduate engineers
  • TFI - BE/BS engineers
  • VFÍ (Association of Chartered Engineers in Iceland)  - relevant for all

Faroe Islands

  • Føroya Verkfrødingafelag

Visit the website of the Føroya Verkfrødingafelag


  • VDI (Association of German Engineers)

Visit the VDI website



Visit the COGITI website


  • Professionals Australia (formerly APESMA)

Visit the Professionals Australia website

What are my rights as a Guest Member?

As a guest member of one of the association on this page, you can get advice and membership offers, receive trade journals and participate in membership events in line with the organisation's own members. However, legal proceedings are only conducted after agreement on payment with the original organisation. As a guest member, you do not have the right to vote in elections and you are not eligible for elected positions of trust.

NB! Not all of the above organisations act as a counterpart to IDA, i.e. some act purely as a trade organisation and do not necessarily offer legal assistance.