What is IDA

About IDA


The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA - a modern professional association for technical, IT and natural sciences professionals.

IDA has more than 130,000 members and represents the interests of employees, managers and self-employed within the fields of pay and employment, the labour market, industrial policy, skills, careers and training, the working environment, technology and research.

Four offices

IDA has offices in:

  • Copenhagen
  • Odense
  • Aarhus
  • Aalborg


IDA's vision is to help technical knowledge workers set the agenda via competence development, network establishment, and political influence.

Read IDA's vision 2025.

IDA’s goal is to be an influential, high profile society. Several politically appointed committees ensure that the views and objectives of our society become known and are made visible in areas ranging from education policy, equal opportunity, industrial and labour market policies, work environment and research and technology.

IDA's political structure

IDA is non-partisan, but seeks actively to influence decision-makers in order to provide strength through knowledge for its members, for the profession, and for society as a whole.

IDA's supreme authority is the Board of Representatives, while the Executive Committee deals with the society’s administration.