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IDA: How to report offenses, misdemeanors, violations, and complaints

IDA must be a safe community for all. However, if you experience or become aware of misconduct, there are three different ways to report – depending on the nature of the complaint: Through the whistleblower or Sanctions Committee scheme, or by filing a complaint.

IDA must be a safe and collegial community for both members and employees.

The IDA Law and Statutes say that  "The members are obliged to respect Society objectives, including proper loyal behaviour in their activities and statements." 

And in the vast majority of cases, those obligations reflect the reality of being an employee in or member of IDA.

But if you, as a member of, or employee in IDA, witness financial crime,  violations of the professional conduct, or have other complaints about IDA’s services, you can report the matter and be sure that your complaint is dealt with accordingly. There are three different options – all depending on what and who the issue concerns: The Whistleblower scheme, Sanctions Committee Scheme or a Complaint. 

Misconduct may occur in connection with meetings/conferences etc. in IDA, board work, Member counselling, on social media, or in connection with IDA’s activities in general. 

The Executive Committee has set up a Sanctions Committee, which determines any sanctions imposed on members. The Sanctions Committee does not handle cases concerning IDA's employees. These must be reported via the general complaint scheme about IDA's services and actions, or via the Whistleblower scheme.

Of course, all inquiries about any offenses are treated confidentially both in relation to the person filing the report and to the person being reported. 

Sanctions Committee Scheme

  • What: The Sanctions Committee scheme deals with matters of a less serious nature, as well as e.g. violation of IDA’s rules. The offense must relate to the notified party's work on behalf of IDA or in IDA. 
  • Who: All IDA-members as well as IDA’s employees can report cases about all members of IDA.
  • The Sanctions Committee scheme is handled by the Sanctions Committee, which is appointed by IDA's Executive Board. Offenses can be reported anonymously.

Report an offense to the Sanctions Committee (form)

Read more about the Sanctions Committee scheme

Guidelines for sanctioning cases (pdf)

Whistleblower scheme

  • What: IDA's whistleblower scheme concerns matters of a particularly serious nature. The offense must relate to the notified party's work on behalf of IDA or in IDA. 
  • Who: IDA employees as well as active members, employee representatives, and politically elected or appointed individuals can report cases about employees in IDA, as well as active members, employee representatives, and politically elected or appointed individuals.
  •  The whistleblower scheme is administered by the law firm Plesner. The whistleblower scheme is anonymous. 

Read more about the Whistleblower scheme 


  • What: If you are dissatisfied with IDA's general actions and services or want to complain about specific conditions or experiences.
  • Who: All members of IDA and others who are in contact with IDA.
  • The complaints scheme is administered by IDA's administration. When you make a complaint, your inquiry is not anonymous.

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Other Whistleblower schemes

  • Own workplace: If you, as a member of IDA, want to report unacceptable conditions at your own workplace, IDA provides legal assistance and can advise you on the possibility for financial security. Read more about IDA's support for whistleblowers 
  • IDA Insurance: Employees in IDA Insurance may report any transgressions or potential violations of the financial regulation committed by IDA Insurance.
    All others are referred to make a notification via the Danish FSA's whistleblower scheme (In Danish).