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Whistleblower scheme for IDA employees, volunteers and union reps

IDA has established an independent whistleblower scheme where you can report serious offences, illegal activity or violations. The scheme is administered by the law firm Plesner and emphasises the safety of both the whistleblower and the person being reported on.

IDA has a general whistleblower scheme for both current and former employees, volunteers, union representatives, persons elected or appointed to political positions, temporary workers and suppliers in IDA.

The scheme is administered by the law firm Plesner. The scheme ensures that you can report serious matters and offenses to IDA in a safe and confidential manner.

IDA's whistleblower scheme at Plesner is therefore an opportunity for i.a. employees, volunteers, union reps, persons elected or appointed to political positions, temporary workers and suppliers to quickly and confidentially report violations of the law or serious misconduct via a relevant, independent and impartial channel.

Both the whistleblower and the person reported on are guaranteed confidentiality in the process. Initially, two lawyers assess the report, after which they may contact an impartial body in IDA.

The assessment of the individual case is based on both general legislation and the guidelines and declarations of intent that IDA’s Executive Committee has prepared with regards to IDA’s volunteers. Read the Executive Committee's rules here (in Danish). 

Cases of a less serious nature regarding members are not covered by the Whistleblower scheme. They can be reported directly to IDA's Sanctions Committee.

IDA's whistleblower scheme includes:

  • Financial crime and violation of accounting rules
  • Bribery
  • Fraud
  • Document forgery
  • Corruption
  • Theft
  • Violation of occupational safety legislation
  • Environmental pollution
  • Sexual harassment, systematic bullying and violence
  • Exploitation of system accesses
  • Violation of applicable laws
  • Violation of internal rules with serious consequences

See detailed description here (in Danish)

Use IDA's Whistleblower scheme

To report on serious conditions, use the following link to Plesner's form page, where two lawyers receive the notification.

Report conditions

For members: Whistleblowing and violations

IDA has long had advice for members who experience e.g. bullying or abusive behaviour. IDA can also advise you if you consider reporting serious objectionable conditions at your workplace.

Are you considering becoming a whistleblower?

Criticising your employer can have personal and financial consequences. That is why IDA supports you when you choose to be a whistleblower. You can get advice from legal advisers specialising in whistleblowing.

A special financial security scheme has been established for members who have been terminated after becoming whistleblowers. 

Read more about IDA's whistleblower support for members

Have you been violated or accused of a violation?

Of course, IDA also supports if a member has been the victim of a violation or is accused of violating at the member’s workplace. In this case, IDA offers both counselling and legal support.

Contact IDA for legal advice

Get more information about IDA's whistleblower scheme