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Press Contact

For press inquiries, please contact one of the journalists in IDA’s press team. We can help you get in contact with a relevant employee in IDA, and are happy to provide you with analyses and other relevant materials.

Press team

  • Mads Fisker, head of press
    Mobile: 30 24 03 34
    Scientific research, Forskningsalliancen and management

  • Ulrik Frandsen, press adviser
    Mobile: 23 65 09 69
    Education, IT, cyber security, digitization, data ethics, and the Siri Commission

  • Søren Lorentzen, press adviser
    Mobile: 51 85 17 64
    Labour market and career

  • Tina Splidsboel, press adviser
    Mobile: 60 66 67 00
    Energy, climate and green competencies

  • Ole Haun, press adviser
    Mobile: 22 15 46 16
    Circular economy, business and growth, and technological networks

Ask IDA's experts

If you are a journalist and need professional insights and/or comments on a topic you are writing about, you can get assistance from IDA's panel of professional experts. 

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