Political organisation

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee deals with the society’s administration on behalf of the Board of Representatives.

The Executive Committee consists of the Chairman of the Society, who is elected by the Board of Representatives, together with 14 other members with deputies who are elected by and from among the Board of Representatives’ members by proportional representation from lists of candidates.

The Executive Committee shall:

  • Establish frameworks and guidelines for the society. 
  • Make decisions on issues concerning the society’s policies.
  • Decide on fundamental and general matters.
  • Assume overall control of the society on behalf of the Board of Representatives.
  • Prepare IDA’s budget for approval by the Board of Representatives.
  • Agree on goals and frameworks, and prepare budgets for regional and professional work.
  • Deal with matters relating to pay, employment and pension conditions for those members not covered by membership categories 1-4.

The Executive Committee is also responsible for the political harmonisation and coordination of the work relating to appointing committees, etc., including the relevant parts of the society involved in drawing up and implementing policies.

See the members of IDA's Executive Committee (In Danish):