IDA's Guide to Employment Terms

Salary is more than your payslip. Do you get overtime pay and a phone subscription? And how many days off do you get if your child is ill? Use IDA's guide to employment terms to compare terms of employment in different companies and private and public workplaces.

IDAs Guide to Employment Terms 2023

Salary is more than your payslip. Your employment also includes extra holidays, time off in lieu, overtime payment, competency development and much more. Use this guide to compare employment terms at both private and public sector workplaces.

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How to use IDA's Guide to Employment terms

Salary is a lot of things. It also includes employment terms and fringe benefits such as:

  • How long are your working hours?
  • Are you paid for working overtime?
  • Do you have to work weekends, bank holidays, and in the evening?
  • Do you have extra employer-paid days off?
  • How many days off can you get in the event of a sick child?
  • How many travel days do you have?
  • Do you have the opportunity to take courses and additional training?
  • Do you have employer-paid phone subscription or free newspaper or wifi?
  • Do you have health insurance or a massage scheme?
  • Does the workplace have a senior employee scheme?

With IDA's guide to employment terms (Vilkårsguiden), you can view and compare employment terms at a number of private and public sector workplaces before applying for a job. You can also become inspired to ask for improved terms at your next salary negotiation. If your manager will not give you a salary increase, you can perhaps negotiate another improvement to your terms instead.

What you can negotiate about if your manager is not going to give you a higher salary

IDA's Guide to Employment terms is updated annually

The guide is based on the salary statistics, in which private sector and self-employed members of IDA every year share data about their salary and terms of employment.

For public sector employees, the salary statistics is based on data collected from public databases. 

IDA's members include natural science graduates, engineers, and IT professionals.

The Guide to Employment Terms was last updated on 7 December 2023.

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