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IDAs company statistics is updated with numbers from 2023: With IDA's Company Statistics, you can view salary levels at a given workplace, and see how your current salary compares.

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How to use IDA's Company Statistics

IDA's company statistics are based on IDA's annual salary statistics among our members.  

With IDA's Company Statistics, you can see whether you are above or below the general salary level in the company where you are employed. 

You can also use IDA's Company Statistics to compare salary levels across companies, so that you can, for example, see the salary level in competing companies.  

You can use both parts as a starting point in your next salary negotiation, whether you are going to the annual salary negotiation in your current job, you are going to change jobs, or you are going to apply for your first job as a recent graduate. 

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IDA's Company Statistics is updated every year

Every year, IDA collects data among its members regarding their salaries. IDA's members include: 

  • Engineers 
  • IT graduates
  • Natural science graduates

and other STEM professionals who are employed within the private or public sector (state, municipalities and regions). 

IDA's Company Statistics are made on the basis of members' reports on their salary and working conditions. 

IDA's Company Statistics are updated with the latest figures on December 7, 2023. 

Data base for IDA's Company Statistics 

IDA's Company Statistics show a salary index for companies where more than 5 IDA members are employed.

The company statistics are divided into sections so that you can see statistics for each company, respectively with and without managers.  

The index is calculated as the total salary for each company divided by the average salary for employees with the same education and graduate year, as those employed at the company. If the index is above 100, it indicates that the company in average pays a salary which is higher than average.

Companies with fewer than 5 responses do not appear in IDA's Company Statistics. 

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