Working in Denmark

Salary negotiations

Salary negotiations are relevant when starting a new job, changing jobs, and at the annual salary review. The important thing is to be well-prepared when you start the negotiations.

The annual salary statistics are a good foundation to start from. We of course recommend IDA’s salary statistics, which beyond comparison cover engineers best. The statistics are sent out to members every year in December.

The IDA salary statistics contain, among other things, information on salary based on years of education and specialisation for both publicly and privately employed engineers. The salary statistics provide a good overview of the salary levels of the different areas of business. When you view the salary statistics divided geographically you gain a nuanced overview of the salary levels. It’s important to study both salary averages as well as fractals.

Tips and tricks for salary negotiations

Below you'll find links to tools and knowledge, which will help you prepare for your salary negotiations. You can also check out our online webinar Negotiating in an international context.

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The Danish Model explained

The Confederation of Danish Industry has created a video about the Danish Model, explaining in a comprehensible and understandable way the Danish system for collective agreements and how the Danish Model works. If you are employed in the private sector under a collective agreement or just need an overview of how terms are regulated on the Danish labour market, this is the video to watch!