IDA Salary Calculator

Use the Salary Calculator to get an estimate of an average gross salary for your profile, depending on your seniority, job type, geographical location and place of employment.

How to use IDA's salary calculator

Whether you are a highly specialised professional or a recent graduate looking for your first job, it is useful to know what others with your profile earn.
IDA’s salary calculator display the members’ average salaries according to selected parameters – typically education and year of graduation, type of position, seniority, and geography. The more parameters you include, the more precise the result becomes. 
Keep in mind that salaries can vary a great deal for the same profile, which is why you should consider both the average gross salary and fractiles to get a full overview.
With IDA's salary calculator, you'll get a good foundation for your next salary negotiation - whether you are negotiating in your current job, negotiating an employment contract for a future job, or looking for your first position as a new graduate.

IDA's salary calculator is updated annually

The IDA salary calculator is updated every year to ensure that its salary data are correct.
The salary calculator is based on members’ information on salary and employment terms in connection with the annual IDA Salary statistics. The Salary statistics include private sector employees and public sector employees, such as:
  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering
  • Master of Engineering
  • BSc, Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Export Engineer
  • MSc
  • and other IT candidates
  • Food and Food science candidates
IDA's salary calculator was last updated with new figures on from September 2023.

Data used in IDA's salary calculator

Data for private sector employees: Is taken from the annual salary statistics, in which members share data about their salary and employment terms. 
Data for public sector employees: Is based on data from public salary databases.
IDA's salary calculator uses a quantile regression model to calculate your salary. The model takes into account various parameters that can impact salaries, such as year of graduation and industry, both of which tend to influence salary levels more than, for instance, geography. In this way, IDA's salary calculator gives a more realistic image of average salaries.

Use all of IDA's salary tools to compare your salary

It can be difficult to know for sure whether your salary is right.
The salary calculator is just one of many salary tools available to you as a member of IDA.
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