IDA Salary Statistics: Compare your salary now

The annual IDA Salary Survey is a tool that offers you essential information on recent salary development in your professional field for your next salary negotiation - whether it is in your current or a new job.

In addition to statistical data, IDA members have also access to other tools and counselling that provide strong and needed support in the labour market. 

Compare salary levels

IDA’s salary survey of companies compares the salary levels of some the largest companies in Denmark. You will find these figures quite useful during your next salary negotiation.

Compare your salary

The IDA Salary Statistics 2023

IDA’s Salary statistics shows what IDA members with different profiles earn on average. Use this data tool as way to be well prepared for your next salary negotiation.

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Additional tools for salary negotiation

Use our tools

The Salary Report also contain valuable information on income and revenues of IDA members that owns a business. In addition to our statistics, you can also use the following tools:

  • Salary Calculator - your personal salary comparison to the salary level corresponding to your profile
  • Web Tables - Create your own detailed salary table
  • Company statistics - compare the salary levels of the largest companies


Compare your peers’ salary

Company statistics 2023

Would you like to be well prepared for your next salary negotiation? Then you should probably look at the salary level of the largest companies in Denmark.

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This is how salaries are calculated

Our Statistics are collected exclusively for IDA members, so you need to login to view it. The figures are based on the information provided by IDA members about their salary in September 2023. The salary calculation includes the gross salary and the value of taxable benefits for employees. These may include:

  • Pension
  • Company cell phone
  • Newspaper subscription
  • Company car
  • Home PC
  • Extra vacation
  • Parental leave terms

Comparison of salary statistics from IDA and DI

If your employer calls IDA’s salary statistics into question, claiming that they rather indicate the trade union’s wishful thinking, you may assure them that IDA’s salary statistics are very reliable. 

Read more about the comparison.