IDA's salary statistics are valid and reliable

IDA's analysis department has compared the statistics from IDA and DI (Danish Industry). In conclusion, the salary levels for engineers are virtually identical in the statistics from DI and IDA.

If your employer does not believe in IDA's salary statistics and says it is merely an expression of the union's imagination, then you can calmly reply that IDA's salary statistics are completely reliable.

The salary levels in IDA's salary statistics resemble DI's statistics. 

IDA's analysis department explains in a note that after considering different salary conceptualization and populations, the salary levels for the two groups of engineers are virtually the same in the statistics from DI and IDA.

In IDA’s opinion the salary statistics are a very reliable tool to use when members negotiate with their employers.

See the numbers here:

Average salary for civil- and diploma engineers according to DI and IDA salary statistics.

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