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IDA salary statistics

The Salary Statistics contains the most essential results on salary and salary development for IDA’s members. The annual salary statistics from IDA is a useful tool when negotiating your salary and working conditions, or maybe even changing jobs.

As a member of IDA you can see the full Salary Statistics (requires login to MY IDA):

Login and see IDA Salary Statistics 2018

The calculation for the recommended minimum salary for private employees is based on the average salary of the youngest employees in the private sector in the 2018 salary statistics plus the expected price trend for the coming year.

IDA’s employee council (Ansattes Råd - AR) has defined the following recommended minimum salaries for 2019:

  • Masters graduates (in engineering and other natural sciences) and other members with long-cycle post-secondary degrees DKK 39,800
  • Bachelors graduates, graduates of diploma degree programmes and other members with medium-cycle post-secondary degrees DKK 37,900