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Join the Board of IDA Private Sector

As an IDA member and private sector employee, you can stand for election to the IDA Private Sector Board and make a big difference to IDAs private sector members. Elections to the Board will take place at the IDA Private Sector general meeting on 1-2 April 2022. The general meeting elects a Chairman, Board members and deputies.

What does the Board of IDA Private Sector work for? 

The IDA Private Sector Board represents IDA's 65,000 private sector members.  

The Board works to support all privately employed members so that they are in the best possible position in the labour market to create an attractive working life and career for themselves – regardless of whether they are employed on individual terms or on collective terms. Under accountability to the Council of Employees, the Board works to ensure that members are in the best position when it comes to their salary and employment conditions.  

The Board sets the direction and continuously develops new initiatives targeted at private sector members. The Board thus helps to ensure that IDA is attractive and relevant to its members.  

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What does Board work involve in terms of meeting activity?

The Board meets approximately 7-8 times a year for Board meetings. Meetings are held on a weekday evening between 17.30-20.30 and include a social dinner. The meetings take place in Ingeniørhuset, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, Copenhagen V. However, it is also possible to participate in the meetings via Teams.  

Once a year, the Board meets for a seminar to prioritize tasks for the coming year. The Board also participates in a general meeting and an annual conference, and once a year a joint seminar is held with IDA Public Sector and the Council of Employees. 
In addition, the Board sets up working groups to develop concrete initiatives for members, such as preparation of the annual conference or activities in individual workplaces. The working groups meet physically and online. Deputies are invited to participate in all Board activities.  

Board members must be willing to make volunteering a priority and be prepared to make a certain time commitment to their board work. The typical time commitment will be in the order of 5-10 hours per month.   

The work of the Board is supported by the IDA Secretariat, which helps with the practical execution of meetings, general meetings, annual conferences, and the realisation of the initiatives that the Board decides to carry out.  

What are the tasks of the Board?

The IDA Private Sector Board is aware of trends and tendencies in the private labour market and develops and initiates a number of activities targeted at IDA Private Sector members on this basis. Through the "IDA On the Job" initiative, the focus is on helping IDA members to organise locally. The Board has therefore concentrated on securing services for members who do not have a company group or academic club in their workplaces, online and hybrid events during the corona pandemic, and strengthened efforts towards international members such as more English language activities. In addition, e-learning courses and a 6-month course for new managers have been developed in cooperation with the Council of Employees, IDA Public Sector, and the IDA Managers' Forum. IDA Private Sector puts words into action!  

Activities are decided either at Board meetings or at the annual seminar. 

The following are regular tasks of the Board: 

  • Discussion and recommendation of collective bargaining results in private companies 
  • Discussion and approval of statutes for company groups and academic clubs. 
  • Discussion and approval of applications for grants for local events 
  • Discussion and recommendation of union representative security for members of the Council of Employees. 
  • Participation in joint seminar with IDA Public Sector and the Council of Employees. 
  • Participation in various working groups on new initiatives 
  • Annual Board Seminar 
  • The annual conference, held in October/November. 
  • The general meeting, held in April/May. 

In addition to the tasks set out in our statutes, the Board works in small ad-hoc working groups on new ideas.  

What does the post of Chairman entail?

The Chairman of the IDA Private Sector Board is responsible for the management of the Board, including the planning of the agenda for Board meetings and the ongoing dialogue with the Secretariat. 

The Chairman has a vision for IDA Private Sector and is passionate about creating the best environment for IDA's 65,000 private sector members.  
In addition to the activities of the Board, the Chairman holds the following positions: 

  • Council of Employees spokesperson (8 annual meetings, one annual seminar and one study trip) 
  • Quarterly chairpersons' meetings with the Chairman of the Council of Employees and the Chairman of IDA Public Sector 
  • Negotiations Committee of the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikerne) for the Private Sector (4 annual meetings in Copenhagen, online participation possible) 
  • Joint meeting with Djøf and DM in the private sector (2-3 annual meetings)  
  • Approval of agreements for company groups and academic clubs with fewer than 15 IDA members 

The current Chairman estimates a time commitment of about 5-10 hours per week.  

Do you want to stand to election? And do you have questions about the workload?

IDA Private Sector's Board invites all interested parties to stand for election at IDA Private Sector's general meeting on 15-16 March 2024 at Hotel Opus in Horsens. The general meeting will elect 4 deputies.  
The Chairman and Board members are elected for a 3-year term and can hold the respective positions on the Board for a maximum of 6 years (i.e. two terms). Deputies have no voting rights on the Board and are elected for a 1-year term and may be re-elected at any time.  

The Chairman of the Board must be employed by a private company at the time of election and during the term of office. The Chairman may not be employed in a managerial position if said position cannot be compelled to go in strike in accordance with labour laws. Board members and deputies must be employed in a private company at the time of election. You can read more about eligibility in the statutes for IDA Private Sector.  


If you wish to stand to election for the Board (Chairman, Board Member or Deputy), or have any questions about the work involved, please contact the Board's Acting Chairman, Søren Vang Fischer: sorenvf@gmail.com. Alternatively, it is also possible to announce your candidacy at the general meeting.