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What – and who – Danish companies are looking for


Certain skills and professional competencies are currently very popular at Danish engineering companies. This makes any connection you have with them worth highlighting in a CV and application. Here is a brief list of some of the most popular abilities and qualifications.
Danish engineering companies often go through phases of growth and expansion. This leads to many new positions and possibilities throughout the country for dedicated engineers. There are, however, a number of professional fields, which have seen a shortage of qualified engineers in recent years.

This means that having previous experience or an educational background within these fields is a strong card in the pursuit of finding a job in Denmark. The same applies to certain professional skills, which will see you move up the applicant list.

Promising professional fields 

Danish companies are looking for engineers with qualifications in a number of specific fields. This makes these fields for work a good starting point for engineers wishing to find work in Denmark, and perhaps also the best bets for ’blind’ applications.

These include a number of specialised sub-fields in the construction industry, including steel and ventilation experts. The pharmacological industry in Denmark is also looking for engineers, as are companies in the biotech industry. Electrical engineers have been heavily sought for years. Converging technology experts are also very popular.

If your speciality is something akin to the merging fields of mobile and biotech, or integrating app-like software in hearing aids there is a long list of companies who will be interested in you. Energy engineers for the oil & gas and renewable energy sector are also in demand. Denmark is big on renewable energy, and areas tied to energy saving like, for example, smart grid applications like smart metres and automatic energy savers, are also very popular.

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Skills in demand 

Danish engineers and engineering companies are known for their ability to problem solve and work independently. These are valued abilities, held in high regard by Danish companies. The ability to use these abilities, as well as your technical expertise, outside the constraints of the ‘normal’ world of engineering is a prized skill.
“You should be able to use your professional background and demonstrate it when communicating with clients and potential clients. I would say that that is on the top-five of many companies now –whether or not it is on the official job description,” Senior Careers Consultant at IDA, Lise Dan, says.
The ability to work in virtual environments and teams, in multicultural environments and understanding of the business aspects of companies and industries are also sought after. Finally, Danish companies are focussing more and more on working holistically. This means that not only do you have to have a strong background as a professional engineer, but also an understanding of how your products can be environmentally friendly and easy to use.