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What is a good career and how do you get there? And what does it mean to be ready for the job market and develop your competencies? As a member of IDA, you have access to advice, tools and other relevant materials that help you in your job and in your career.

Career counselling

As a member of IDA, you can always get help from our career counsellors. They are able to help you with specific questions, or to decide on a future course for your career. 

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Career coaching sessions

One of IDA’s most popular services are our career coaching sessions.  Here, members can get professional advice about their working life.

We often discuss job satisfaction, salary, stress, or ambitions with our members.  But you set the agenda for the meeting.

The meeting lasts for 1 hour and is held by a career counsellor with an in-depth knowledge of the labour market of IDA’s members. That way you can be sure that the session is relevant to you.

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IDA’s career tools

How do you define your skills, and how do you keep your CV and LinkedIn profile updated? If you feel overwhelmed by the many ways to make you stand out to employers, our tools and tutorials can help you get on track. As an IDA member you can start immediately with tools to strengthen your profile.