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As a member of IDA you can join any of our many professional networks for free. Joining a network is a great way to engage with the latest developments in your field and expand your professional and personal network in Denmark

Networks and networking are essentials in your working life, and we encourage all our members, especially international members, to join one or two IDA networks, as these are an excellent way of expanding your local network.

All networks send out a newsletter to keep you updated about upcoming events, and although this is in Danish, we encourage you to give it a chance. At the events, you will find that everyone speaks English, so you will have no problems communicating with other participants. You can also invite a Danish co-worker and meet others from his or her network.

Boost your career...

Do you want a stronger network to support your career – and perhaps lead you to your next job? IDA is a good place to meet others with the same background.

Perhaps you are the only specialist from a particular field at your workplace and wish you had the chance to discuss with like-minded professionals. This is also possible in IDA.

...and your social life

Perhaps you are more interested in the social aspects of networking. In that case, you can sign up for bowling trips, wine tastings, or cinema nights with other network members.

These are just some of the reasons why many IDA-members choose to be part of one of IDA’s 70 professional and industrial networks which arrange 3,000 events every year.

Get an overview of IDA's networks.

Join our networks for free

The IDA networks are free to join as a member, and you can choose to join as many networks as you wish.