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Events & courses

As a member of IDA you have access to 3,000 annual events, out of which 500 are in English. Join events to learn, socialise and network with fellow IDA-members

Choose from a variety of professional events or join a social event and cook, play board games, or attend a concert with other IDA-members.

Networks and events

Many of our events are hosted by our professional networks. When joining a network you will receive invitations to all the events hosted by the network. Although some events are in Danish, we still encourage you to participate as most attendants will definitely speak English, so you will have no problems communicating with other participants.

Online and physical events

And in these times, where it is difficult to predict how many physical events can be carried out, many have been converted into digital formats.

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Manage your newsletters

At MIT.IDA, you can always see the full list of newsletters you currently subscribe to. This is also where you can unsubscribe from newsletters you no longer wish to receive.

Or you can sign up for newsletters from relevant networks to make sure to hear from us the next time we arrange an event that might be interesting for you.

Interested in courses and training programmes?

IDA Learning offers a range of courses and training programmes that will ensure your market value and develop your skills.

You can gain inspiration from IDA Learning’s course prospectus or search for relevant courses and training programmes online. There are lots of subjects to choose from that will boost your expertise and provide you with new networks and tools.

Courses are available with substantial membership discounts, something that your employer will naturally appreciate when you ask permission to join a course or a training programme.

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