Strategy and vision

Vision 2025

IDA has formulated a vision for 2025: IDA – a professional association that realises the potential of knowledge and technology. To achieve IDA’s overall vision and increase IDA’s relevance for members, we will be working towards five sub-visions until 2025. Learn about IDA’s Vision 2025 here.

IDA operates on the premise that the ‘DNA’ of its members comprises great insight on technology, the environment, energy, and a range of other technological areas. In other words, IDA-members are the most well-equipped to think innovatively and contribute to society in these areas.

As a professional organisation and labour union, IDA must therefore develop in a way that supports both the important work of our members and also fulfils our goal of contributing positively to society. We find that our goals of keeping our members satisfied and contributing to making society better complement each other.

IDA must satisfy many interests. IDA has always worked to ensure that our visions and strategies reflect the currents of the world around us. Our society and our members have played important roles in an always rapidly evolving technological, industrial, business and labour market landscape. We have also adapted our strategies to accommodate environmental and climate issues in a world that has become increasingly globalised since 1995.

Five sub-visions:

To fulfil our overall vision and increase IDA’s relevance for members, we are focusing on five sub-visions:

  • 1: Value for you
  • 2: The strongest voice on technology
  • 3: You make a difference
  • 4: A good working life
  • 5: A network of people and knowledge

The goals of Vision 2025, in simplified form, imply that in 2025 IDA: Provides individualised services, has increased influence and visibility, has created meaning and pride among members, strengthens and contributes to a good working life, and has created a network of people and knowledge.

Read about sub-visions

Visit this page to read about the subvisions in detail.

IDA’s members

While IDA’s Vision 2020 was couched in IDA’s transition into the new openness to the admission of members other than engineers, but still predominantly referred to members as engineers, the new Vision 2025 and strategy consistently signal clearly that IDA is for all professionals within technology, natural sciences and IT, and for anyone with a university degree who works with technology, IT and natural science at a high professional level.

Based on the UN’s 17 SDGs

Today’s world is changing at an unprecedented pace and scale, and this creates enormous global challenges. Our members possess the skills and knowledge to create new solutions, based on technology and knowledge.

In 2015, the UN adopted an agenda comprised of 17 goals for sustainable development. The goals are to ensure more sustainable development towards the year 2030. The goals relate to solving many of the greatest global challenges and include putting an end to extreme poverty and hunger globally, reducing inequality and combatting negative climate changes. To reach these goals, we need new solutions based on technology and knowledge. IDA’s members have what it takes to introduce new solutions. Therefore, they play an important role in securing sustainable development and meeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.