Vision 2025: Sub-visions

Knowledge is a cornerstone of our path towards 2025. The knowledge and technological insight among IDA-members is crucial for our path towards 2025, a path that runs parallel to significant technological developments and major global challenges.

Five sub-visions

IDA's Vision 2025 consists of five sub-visions:

  • 1: Value for you
  • 2: The strongest voice on technology
  • 3: You make a difference
  • 4: A good working life
  • 5: A network of people and knowledge

Read more about each sub-vision below. 

Value for you

IDA's services and communications are targeted at the individual member and tailored to their current career, position, skillset, and interests, and across generations. IDA’s members have access to high-quality knowledge, counselling and information, physically and digitally – in Denmark and globally.

IDA is known for being a technological meeting place where members can always find an interesting event. IDA supports members in realising their potential. In collaboration with the best providers, IDA offers lifelong learning for all career paths – managers, specialists, the self-employed and entrepreneurs.

The strongest voice on technology

IDA is the strongest technological voice in Denmark. IDA is a place for debate, idea generation and opinions on the application of knowledge and technology. Opinion leaders, politicians and experts seek advice from IDA.

With the members' unique knowledge, IDA realises the potential in technology and knowledge to the benefit of society. IDA has a strong influence at the crossroads between business, growth, education, research, labour market conditions and technology. With analyses of the impact of technology on society, IDA is a natural partner now and in the future.

You make a difference

The core of IDA is being a community of technology, IT and science – it is IDA’s DNA. IDA is a key actor when the topic is technology and knowledge. IDA brings members' unique competencies into play for sustainable societal development. IDA-members make a difference.

IDA-members inspire young people to choose a technical or scientific education. That is an important aspect of a positive development in society. As a member of IDA, you are part of something bigger.

A good working life

IDA’s members achieve the best possible conditions in a changing labour market through IDA's work for good framework conditions, a good working environment and work-life balance. IDA safeguards our members' interests collectively and individually and creates the conditions for a good and diverse working life.

IDA ensures strong partnerships nationally and globally, and thereby supports efforts for better working conditions.

A network of people and knowledge

The efforts and commitment of active members forms the foundation of the many membership activities in IDA. As a member of IDA you have countless opportunities for contributing actively.

IDA's members are a unique network of knowledge about technology and science. Through IDA, members can network and share knowledge with each other and the community. IDA allows members to network in new ways.

IDA knows the needs of members and facilitates contact between members and relevant partners.