Strategy and vision

IDA's Vision 2030

IDA will show the way for technology and people with Vision 2030. Read more about how IDA will get there as a trade union, professional community and interest organisation.

As an organisation, IDA comprises three elements: the trade union, the professional community, and the interest group. The Vision 2023 develops the balances and synergies embedded in the three elements. 

For this reasons, the three basic elements of IDA's vision also form the basis for the vision's key focus areas: 

  • As a trade union, IDA will promote a good framework for members' lives.
  • As a professional community, IDA will inspire and develop its members
  • As an interest group, IDA will contribute to creating a better future.

The vision has given direction for IDA's work since 2024 and continues until 2030. It sets the overall direction for IDA and this for IDA's strategies, all of which describe the initiatives meant to create a better IDA in the short term. 

Download the Vision 2030