Strategy and vision

Responsibility for development: IDA's strategy 2024-2026

With Strategy 2024-2026, IDA, wants to contribute to creating a better future for its members and society. You can read the strategy and the background for it here.

IDA's strategy 2024-2026 comprises three themes, each addressing a different aspect of IDA's vision and a cross-cutting theme of importance to future-proofing IDA's foundation.

The three themes are:

1. Good and value-creating lives for members

IDA works for improving the lives of our members through promoting well-being and value-creation in workplaces and educational institutions. This is done by focusing on management, diversity, collaborations and competency development.

2. Future professional communities

IDA will offer various forms of member engagement that meet members’ diverse needs and preferences. The focus in the period 2024-2026 is on strenghtening networking opportunities, recruiting volunteers, accessible ways of participating, and competency development. 

3. Influencing society around us

IDA seeks to achieve a higher degree of visibility and influence by 2026 in the following areas: sustainable development, management, DEI, STEM educations, research and work/student life frameworks. This will be achieved through new collaborations, debates and dialogues with relevant stakeholders. 

In addition, the strategy contains a cross-cutting theme of increasing membership and having member satisfaction that is significantly above the industry standard. This should ensure IDA a stronger foundation and future-proof IDA.