Union representatives

Pay negotiations as a union representative

As a union representative in the private sector, you have an important role in pay negotiations in your workplace. On this page, you can learn more about how to use IDA’s support in payroll negotiations.

When do salary negotiations take place?

As a rule, salaries are negotiated once a year. In addition, negotiations must be carried out in the event of significant changes to individual positions and new hires, and if otherwise the parties can agree on it.

Information and material for use in salary negotiations:

How is pay negotiated in Danish workplaces?

In many workplaces, an annual employee payroll is negotiated annually. Based on this overview of how much each employee is to be paid, the company pays out salaries to its employees.

The payroll negotiations are overseen by an employee representative, typically a company group or academics’ club.

It requires thorough preparation and relevant knowledge to negotiate payroll.

Use IDA’s statistics

Prepare for the negotiations by getting an overview of the salaries in your industry. You can use IDA’s salary statistics to look at individual salary levels based on position, seniority and education, among other parameters.

Learn more about IDA's Salary Statistics

IDA also publishes an annual company statistics where you can see the salary levels at companies with at least 5 IDA members employed.

Check out the company statistics