Union reps

Guide for union representatives

Get insight into your tasks as a union representative, what support you can get from IDA and what expectations IDA has of you.

Become visible in your workplace

IDA has prepared a flyer that you can fill out and hand out to your colleagues. Here you can write your contact details and the most important tasks you fulfil as a union representative at the workplace.

Find and download the flyer here

You can get more influence as a union representative

IDA fights for the best possible working and family life conditions for its members. By seeking influence, negotiating agreements and enforcing rights in the workplace, you, as a union representative, can have a say in this.

IDA supports you as a union representative

IDA wants to support you in your work as a sparring and dialogue partner for management regarding your colleagues' pay and employment conditions as well as company goals, strategies and organisational changes.

IDA can support you as a union representative by

  • helping you become more visible locally
  • ensuring that you have networks where you can exchange experiences and share knowledge
  • giving you support, training and tools to ensure increased influence on local pay and employment conditions and thus greater support among IDA members for the local work.

As a union representative, you are a vital figure

As a union representative, you are, if anyone, a crucial person in the workplace. You are the strategic co-creator, negotiator, mediator and messenger between management and employees and you are there to ensure agreements are respected and honoured. You are committed, credible, trustworthy and diplomatic, but also sharp and firm when needed.

For example, you support your colleagues by taking up their concerns with management and accompanying members to disciplinary and grievance meetings.

Being a union representative is attractive

IDA wants to ensure that it is attractive to be a union representative. As a union representative, you acquire knowledge and skills that go beyond those of a typical STEM professional. You are trained in organisational and change development and strategic dialogue with management, which gives you a unique insight into your workplace and can help facilitate your career path. Being a union representative should be challenging, educational and, not least, personally fulfilling.

Find your contact person in IDA

As a union representative, you have a permanent contact person at IDA who is available for advice and guidance in your daily work.

The advantage of having a permanent contact person is, of course, that the contact person knows the working conditions and challenges at your workplace.

You can find the name and contact details of your contact person by logging in to My IDA.

Log in to My IDA and see your contact person

When you stop as a union representative

When the day comes that you stop being a union representative at your workplace, simply call IDA on +45 33 18 48 48 48 and let us know.

We will then remove you from the list of IDA's union representatives.