Discount agreements & benefits

Legal assistance

IDA’s agreements with a number of law firms and other types of legal assistance and counselling are available here.

Discount agreements and benefits in connection with legal assistance

If you are self-employed, you could often need legal assistance and counselling. As a member of IDA you can get discounts on a large number of legal services. Read more here.

Agreement with CLEMENS Law Firm

Do you need legal assistance and counselling in relation to intellectual property rights, real property, company law, general commercial law, labour law or to deal with a dispute? IDA's cooperation agreement with CLEMENS in Aarhus is probably the answer.

Agreement with NJORD Law Firm

NJORD Law Firm provide businesses with full legal advice within all branches of commercial law.

Agreement for legal services aimed at tech companies and growth entrepreneurs

Do you run, or do you intend to run, a technology-based or growth-oriented business? Then IDA's cooperation agreement with Lassen Ricard lawyers is probably the answer.

 Discount on legal products at Legal Desk

Do you want quick and easy access to the legal documents you need to run your business? Then IDA's cooperation agreement with Legal Desk is probably the answer.


Patent advice from AWA

Do you want to convert your ideas and inventions into good business? Then it’s a good idea to contact AWA’s patent consultants, who have extensive knowledge about patenting within all technical areas.

Discount on collection agency services

Do you have customers that don’t pay? Are you or your business owed money? Then you’ll be pleased to learn that IDA has a cooperation agreement with Neminkasso.