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Patent advice from AWA

AWA offers IDA members an IP Audit. i.e. review of the company's products, services and any rights with a view to drawing up a plan for optimized protection of the company's assets.

Their patent attorneys have extensive knowledge of patenting in all technical fields. They can also advise on matters such as design and trademark protection, contract law, etc.

1-hour meeting free of charge

AWA offers all new clients a 1-hour free preliminary meeting in connection with a specific case. IDA members are also offered an IP audit, i.e. a review of the company’s products, services and rights with a view to preparing a plan to optimise protection of the company’s assets.
AWA will also review your company’s business strategy, examining products, market and competitors in order to prepare the best possible IP strategy. Alternatively, if your company already has IP rights, AWA can match these rights with the company strategy.

How to get in touch with AWA

If you would like to get in touch with a consultant from AWA, please call Jytte Prieem Balle on +45 20 86 97 89.

Remember to mention that you are a member of IDA.

For more information, visit the AWA website