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Are you looking for an exchange of experiences and personal development in a confidential atmosphere? Then you are on the right track with a mentoring programme!

The mentee gains greater insight and more opportunities for development of him- or herself as well as the help to make decisions. Similarly, the mentor develops his or her leadership skills and the ability to give advice and coach on the basis of his or her own experiences.

IDA Mentor is the coordinative link preparing each participant and matching the mentors and mentees. Once the mentor relations are set up, IDA Mentor will support the process through evaluations midway and at the end.

Through IDA Mentor, IDA wants to create a nurturing environment to support the sense of leadership in you as an engineer, IT or natural sciences professional. 

Mentor’s benefits

You’ll get plenty of chances to work on your leadership abilities. As a mentor you will become a coach and an advisor for a the mentee. The trick is to utilise and communicate your own experiences in a productive way to help guide the mentee. There is no better way to learn than to teach others. 

For the mentor programme to be a success, you have to be able to understand the mentees background and put yourself in the mentees situation. 

You will gain new insight and knowledge as the interaction is nourished with new ideas and points of view from the mentee. You will get a new understanding of your own background as well as your professional and managerial situation. This is all very natural when the mentor shares his/her experiences with the mentee. 

Before your mentor programme begins, IDA offers you a preparation course. The course will introduce you to the mentor programme, the mentor role and provide you with some tools you can use in your mentor-mentee relation.   

What we expect from you as a mentor:
  • Be a good listener
  • See options rather than obstacles
  • Pose challenging and engaging questions
  • Be 5 years ahead in perspective

Mentee’s benefits

As mentee you can boost your career by actively focusing on your strengths and areas most in need of development. We will set you up with a mentor who will match your professional profile, expectations and wishes regarding the programme. 

The mentor will help you set goals for your development and create a comprehensive assessment of your challenges, new development areas and opportunities. This gives you an informed foundation upon which to base your decisions.

You will get to discuss delicate subjects. These may include conflicts, personal behaviour, handling bosses and clients as well as professional and organisational issues. These discussions will start a process of clarification to help you realise your true development potential.

The focus point is you and your career. As a mentee, you must take the initiative and try to clarify your needs and wishes. In other words your development depends on your own effort. 

Before your mentor programme begins IDA offers you a preparation course. The course will introduce you to the mentor programme, the mentee role and provide you with som tools you can use in the mentor-mentee relation. 

You need to be an employed to be part of the mentorprogramme. If you wish to discuss job search, you can contact a carrer consultant at IDA. 

IDA offers two mentor programmes

9-month programme: which is for mentees who have more than two years of work experience.

  • DKK 3,495 (private payment)
  • DKK 4,995 (company payment)

6-month programme: which is for mentees who have two years or less of work experience (a special offer for newly graduates) The mentee fee is:

  • DKK 995 (private payment)
  • DKK 1,995 (company payment)

Deadlines and registration
Registration deadline for the 9-month and the 6-month programmes is September 1, 2024. The link to the mentor platform will be available soon. If you wish to receive an email notification when registration is possible, please write to

We place great emphasis on finding the right match between mentor and mentee. All matches are made on the basis of written application forms. Therefore, in order for us to find a good match, it is important that you fill in your application form thoroughly. When matching mentors and mentees, we look at professional and personal skills, experience, goals, challenges and geography.

In the 9-month programme you will meet with your mentor/mentee approximately 6-8 times. In the 6-month programme you will meet with your mentor/mentee approximately 4-6 times. A typical meeting will last 1,5 hours and the mentee will be responsible for setting the agenda for the meeting.

Network meetings
Furthermore you will be invited to network meetings (typically in May and October). The network meetings are for alle mentors and mentees and have different themes that can be used as inspiration for the individual mentor-mentee relationship.


If you have questions about IDA's mentor programme, please contact the programme managers:

Mentor programme manager (9-month programme)

  • Lise Dan, IDA
  • Phone: 33 18 97 48
  • Mail:

Mentor programme manager (6-month programme)

  • Emilie Lindquist, IDA
  • Phone: 33 18 97 58
  • Mail:

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