Holiday and holiday pay when leaving the Danish labour market

Are you about to retire or will you be moving abroad for work? Find out how to get your holiday pay paid when you retire or leave Denmark.

When you leave the labour market, you still have the right to holiday pay for the holiday you saved up while you were working. 

But how do you get your holiday pay if you leave the Danish labour market to go on pension or early retirement, or move away from Denmark? 

Pension or early retirement benefit

If you have saved up paid holiday, you can have it paid out if you leave the Danish labour market to receive:

  • State pension
  • Senior pension
  • Early retirement pension
  • Employer-paid pension

If you're retiring, you do not need to take holiday to receive a payout of the holiday pay you have accrued.

There are two ways you can get you holiday pay:

You can get the money paid out via Feriekonto - in that case you must order your holiday money no later than six months after your last day on the labour market at This is typically done if you normally have get your holiday pay via rather than directly from your employer.

See and order holiday pay at

Or, if you have been employed with paid holiday, you can have your employer pay your holiday money directly to you. In this case, you must document to the employer that you have retired - for example by sending documentation: 

  • that you have been awarded pension or early retirement 
  • of a payment from a private pension scheme 
  • of a payment from a pension scheme as part of an employment relationship. 

If you are still working at the same time as you receive your pension, you must take a holiday to receive the holiday pay. This could be the case if you are working part-time while receiving pension.

If it has been more than six months since you left the labour market, you must take a holiday to receive the holiday pay. 

When you retire, you can also have your frozen holiday pay paid out. 

Holiday: How to get a payout of frozen holiday pay

Early retirement pay and pension

If you go on early retirement (efterløn), you have not left the labour market completely. 

Therefore, you must take the holiday to get your holiday money paid out.

Remember to notify your unemployment insurance fund (A-kasse) that you will be taking holiday when ordering your holiday pay.

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Leaving Denmark permanently: Here are the rules for holiday and holiday pay

If you're leaving Denmark and are no longer registered with a CPR, working for a Danish employer, or receiving benefits from Denmark, you can get a payout of your holiday pay.

Learn more about claiming your holiday allowance when leaving Denmark at

Holiday and holiday pay in the event of death

If a deceased person has holiday pay on their Feriekonto, the amount will automatically be transferred to their NemKonto.

Feriepengeinfo will notify the person responsible for paying out the amount to the probate court.