Holiday pay and resignation when you get a new job

What happens to your holiday pay if you resign because you got a new job? Can you transfer holiday, and what happens to extra holiday entitlements? And what do you do if you're not given the holiday pay you are entitled to? Find answers here.

A job change does not mean that you lose all your accrued holiday.

When you get a new job, your previous employer must pay out your remaining accrued holiday, so you are able to take paid holiday in your new job.

How does this work in practice? Find out here.

How will I get paid holiday in my new job?

If you are entitled to salary during holidays and get a new job, and you have accrued holiday which you have not used yet, your previous employer must pay out your holiday allowance (the salary you get during the period you are on holiday).

Your holiday allowance will be paid to you when you go on holiday in your new job.

The holiday allowance is calculated as 12.5 percent of all your taxable income, which also includes taxable employee benefits.

The holiday must be paid out with your last monthly salary.

To get your holiday allowance paid out from FerieKonto, you need to actually be on holiday from your job.

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Can I get a holiday allowance payout without going on holiday?

As a rule, you need to take holiday to receive your holiday allowance. However, there are some cases where you qualify for a holiday allowance payout without actually taking holiday.

You accrue holiday in the period 1 September to 31 August in the following year (12 months). But you can take the holiday in the period from 1 September to 31 December in the following year (16 months).

If you have earned holiday which you have not used in the period 1 September to 31 December, you can apply for a payout of the holiday allowance for the unused holiday - if you have left your job no later than on the 31st December, when the holiday taking period ends. 

In order to have the holiday money paid out from your previous employer, you must apply for a payout via no later than 30 September the following year.

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Keep in mind that if you have been unemployed between 1 September and 31 December, the days on which you received unemployment benefits will be set off against the holiday allowance you are entitled to have paid out.

The following social benefits are deducted from holiday allowance:

  • unemployment benefits,  
  • temporary labour market benefit,  
  • social security,
  • early retirement benefit,  
  • flex pay,
  • income support, 
  • rehabillitation programme benefit, 
  • integration performance or
  • educational assistance.

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What happens to transferred holiday when I change jobs?

You need to take up to 20 days of holiday in the period from 1 September to 31 December (16 months). You may only transfer these days if you have a valid holiday obstacle preventing you from taking your planned holiday - such as illness or parental leave.

If you do not take the 20 days of holiday and you do not have a valid holiday obstacle, you will lose them.

Have you tranferred up to 20 holiday days due to a valid obstacle? Then your employer must pay out your holiday allowance to you directly when you resign.

Have you transferred over 20 days of holiday? If you have not taken the holiday when you resign, your employer must payout the holiday allowance for the period to you directly.


What happens to my extra holiday entitlements when I change jobs?

Whether you risk losing your extra holiday entitlements (feriefridage) when you change jobs depends on your terms of employment.  

As a private sector employee, it depends on your employment contract, staff handbook or collective agreement whether you have the right to be paid for the extra holiday entitlements that you have not taken, or whether they lapse. You can try to agree with your employer that you will take the extra holiday entitlements before you leave your old job. 

As an employee in a municipality or region, you can enter into an agreement with the employer that your accrued extra holiday entitlements will be transferred to your new position if you change position to another region or municipality. If you do not make an agreement about this, the hours of extra holiday entitlement that you did not manage to take will be paid together with your last salary payment. 

As a state sector employee, you will receive compensation for accrued extra holiday entitlements upon termination of your position. 

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What should I do if my previous employer fails to pay my holiday pay to FerieKonto?

If you resign and your previous employer does not pay the holiday pay to FerieKonto within the deadline, you must file a written claim for them. You do so by sending your previous employer a written request for a payout of your holiday pay.

It is important that you claim your holiday pay within 5 years after the end of the holiday period, because otherwise the claim for holiday pay is obsolete and the holiday pay is lost.

Always contact IDA as soon as you discover that no holiday pay has been paid in connection with your resignation.

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