Holiday pay and resignation

You have earned the right to paid holiday even if you resign. We have gathered everything you need to know about the payment of your holiday allowance in the event of resignation from a previous employer.

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Holiday allowance and resignation

You have earned the right to paid vacation even if you resign. Your employer must calculate how much you have earned in holiday allowance during the holiday year. The holiday allowance is calculated as 12.5 percent of all your taxable income, which also includes taxable employee benefits.

Payment of holiday pay from previous employer

Upon your resignation, your previous employer must settle your holiday pay to FerieKonto together with your last monthly salary. 

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Failure to pay holiday pay

If you resign and your previous employer does not pay the holiday pay to FerieKonto within the deadline, you must file a written claim for them. It is important that you claim your holiday pay within 5 years after the end of the holiday period, because otherwise the claim for holiday pay is obsolete and the holiday pay is lost.

Always contact IDA as soon as you discover that no holiday pay has been paid in connection with your resignation.

Take holiday to get your payout

In order to have the holiday money paid out from FerieKonto or a holiday card scheme, you must basically take a holiday.

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Is the possibility of having the holiday pay paid out lost?

If you have holiday pay to benefit from a previous employment and you have not taken this holiday during the holiday period, you can apply for the amount to be paid. The condition is that you have resigned no later than the end of the holiday period on 31 December.

The deadline for requesting payment is 30 September after the end of the holiday period, and you must apply for payment via