Toolkit: The tools you need for your PhD

There are many things you need to consider once embarked on a PhD. We have selected several tools and services that would make things easier for you.

Get advice

Are you considering the services of a career counselor/coach?

As a member of IDA, you are entitled to a career coaching session of one hour every half year. Our career coaches will help you with your current challenges as well as uncovering your skills, strengths and expectations.

Do you need legal advice?

If you have any questions about a job contract, redundancy, bonus evaluation, parental leave, work as a self-employed or something else, please contact our legal advisors.

Do you need a lawyer to review your employment contract?

It is always a good idea to let IDA's legal team to review your contract before signing it.

Tools: Self-help

Get help to right a perfect CV

Your CV is a quintessential element in your career. We have a range of CV tools that you can freely use.

Use LinkedIn in your job search

LinkedIn has become a central instrument for job search and is one of the first places where a potential employer would look. Check out how to make a LinkedIn profile and use it fervently in your job search.

Do you need supplemental unemployment insurance?

It is nice to have a financial safety net, if you are so unfortunate to lose your job.

Read more about supplemental unemployment insurance