This is how IDA helps you with your PhD

You will face many challenges during your PhD scholarship, and you need advice and guidelines. Fortunately, IDA can help you with some of the greatest frustrations.

It is a lot you need to achieve in the 3 years it takes to complete a PhD. Some come through painlessly, but some experience hurdles. Luckily, you can get assistance from IDA to overcome some of the obstacles you can face during your PhD research.

Employment law advice

IDA can help you if you need advice on your employment as a PhD.

There are certain rules associated with being employed as a PhD scholarship, including terms concerning salary and pension, parental leave, off sick, working hours, etc.


Remember to take your holidays so you don’t have to take them at the end of your course. Get more information about this and good advice on tackling stress at IDA.

Employer & Employee Conflicts

IDA can help you before or if your relationship with your employer deteriorates.

It is impossible to quit a PhD scholarship and move to another employer, therefore it is cardinal to build a good working relationship with your supervisor and be a confident communicator in case of conflict. You are always welcome to contact our advisors – the sooner the better, preferably before crisis fully escalates.


IDA can help you if you feel lonely or just miss interchange with other people in the same situation during your PhD project.

Your professional network should grow during your PhD, but many spend a lot of time in the laboratory. Perhaps you just arrived from another university or country and therefore you may feel that it is difficult to meet other people.

Therefore, IDA has launched a PhD network – offering exciting professional and social events.