Mobile plan with an IDA discount

Save your own mobile subscription and those of the whole family through your IDA membership. You get a 10% discount on subscriptions at eesy, which operates on the TDC network.

As an IDA member, you can now get the best mobile network at a low cost with a 10% discount at eesy. Setting up your subscription is free and there are no fees, no music, no streaming, or extra surprises in the fine print, and you can cancel your plan anytime. That's why they're called eesy.

TDC's network

eesy is part of Nuuday, which uses TDC NET's mobile network –  named Denmark's best and fastest mobile network by the Danish Technological Institute 5 years in a row. This means you are up to 60% faster than those using another mobile network.

Your membership discount

You get a 10% discount on eesy's mobile plans, regardless of whether you opt for 15 GB or unlimited data. The 10% is deducted from the subscription price every single month, for as long as you are a customer of eesy and member of IDA.

With eesy, you only pay for what you need. Please note that there is no discount on additional purchases such as data sharing cards and extra GB. There is also no discount on roaming and extra usage, exceeding that which is included in the subscription.

If you need a lot of data, eesy offers a subscription with unlimited data, which is also available at a 10% member discount.

Get a 10% discount at eesy

To get the IDA discount, click on the link and choose the right data plan for you.

Use the offer now

How to get started

Getting started using eesy is easy. First click on our eesy link and select the amount of data you need. Once you have found the right amount of data, click on Buy and fill in the following pages. When changing to eesy, you can decide to keep your current number, or order a new one.

Questions or need help?

If you need help, eesy is ready to assist you on weekdays between 8-16 on 7070 3333. You can also find answers to the most frequently asked questions by following the IDA-link to eesy.

About eesy

eesy is part of Nuuday (formerly TDC), which also owns brands such as Hiper, YouSee and YouTv. eesy operates on Denmark's best mobile network from TDC NET, named by the Danish Technological Institute. Nuuday and eesy work continuously to minimise resource consumption in everyday life and to offer customers sustainable and energy-friendly products and technologies that reduce energy consumption and climate impact. Nuuday also demands sustainability from all their partners.

In 2021, Nuuday will enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), meaning that within a few years they can run on 100% green power. They have chosen a model in which they invest in the construction of new projects with renewable energy from wind turbines or solar cells to make sure that they contribute directly to creating more green energy. Thus, they have opted out of buying certificates.